bungalow in a sentence

Example sentences for bungalow

It is only recently that the real convenience and comfort of bungalow life have been fully realized.
He asks pairs of strangers to play a computer game in which they have to find one another in a virtual bungalow.
Perfect as a cover-up for the often lengthy trek between beach and bungalow.
Shingled walls and crisp white trim reinforce the bungalow look.
Residents of the bungalow said they had not fired any shots at the sergeant's house.
There's silence outside our bungalow, but from time to time the evening wind carries a shout to us.
Then, in that split of second, water started to come in the bungalow.
Its white, sandy shores are replete with resort, bungalow and hostel accommodations.
Choose from a single or twin deluxe room, a royal bungalow or a one- or two-bedroom bungalow suite.
The handyman longs, years later, for a crack at running the hotel built on the old bungalow court's site.
Survey results university street bungalow district.
The house is also a representative example of bungalow styling and retains many of its original qualities and features.
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