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Indeed, these services are best bundled to an entire farm cooperative that includes hundreds or thousands of farmers.
Vertical orientation may allow them to be bundled with the heavy ends orientated together.
Everyone was used to the cold, but this flight had everyone bundled in parkas trying to stay warm.
The core of the brain-half its bulk-is comprised of millions of tightly bundled axons insulated with myelin.
It is a desperately vivacious, songful tumult, seemingly executed with bundled nerve ends.
What he offered was a well-bundled statement about changeability.
His street clothes and shoes were bundled neatly under his arm.
Going grocery shopping and picking up lunch can be bundled.
And sometimes a clicker is bundled with textbooks, meaning students cannot purchase the device or the books independently.
He has downloaded a bunch of useful applications, as well, in addition to those that it comes bundled with.
Even the new bundled-services discounts have yet to generate significant cost savings.
Maintenance of the different components bundled with the virtual application is also simplified.
Each of these approaches is, of course, covered by its own set of patents and bundled into various vendor offerings.
As an occasional vehicle slowly skirts the town's commons, bundled bicyclists glide by silently.
It got so bad that you both were convinced he was actually dying, so you bundled him up and took him out to the car.
Western scientists bundled bacteriophage therapy into the dusty closets of history.
Sunspots are visible because the bundled field lines impede the flow of convection.
Soldiers become warm packages, bundled and gently tended, hurtled across time zones in the bellies of cargo planes.
Your little one will be all bundled up for a day of outside in this down-filled puffy coat.
Most digital cameras come bundled with image editors that will do the job.
Yellowed with age, and often bundled together with frayed ribbons, many were fragile and required great care.
Loop strap tabs on the tie-down straps keep the loose ends bundled during travel.
For a long time now, universities have flourished by offering a bundled package of knowledge and credentialing.
Cushioned, as if bundled up in cloth, there came a knock.
But he recalled tossing the bundled bags onto a pile of soggy cardboard-the stuff of a silent climb.
All-inclusive resorts provide a bundled vacation package for travelers who don't want to spend more money on meals and drinks.
Few standing in the cool winter sunshine imagined the occupiers would be bundled away within four decades.
The gunman was captured alive, but was killed by suffocation after being bundled into a police van.
Some of these mortgages are then bundled up and sold on: the agencies serve simply as middlemen.
These loans are then bundled and sliced into complicated debt instruments.
The items are bundled into a fleet of vans and packed on arrival at the doorstep.
It also separates lots of things that are bundled together in traditional universities.
But some have started charging fans for tunes on mobile phones-charges that may be bundled into monthly voice tariffs.
But bundled together there is more chance that they will be big enough and allow better diversification of risk.
One reason is that the networking concept has bundled together too many contradictory ideas.
The package bundled through cabinet now, a week earlier than expected, is another.
Vertical silos may offer less choice and less transparent pricing, because trading, clearing and settlement are bundled together.
That's going to be one crowded coat check, what with everyone bundled in there holding hands with their baggage.
And now the airline is reportedly considering scaling back its new flights and selling bundled air and train tickets.
The boys were then bundled into a bus and driven away.
Using the display requires pressing buttons on the bottom of the display or clicking the bundled remote.
Streaming finally allows them to reach the goal of building their own bundled or a la carte set of offerings.
They were bundled out of their homes and those who resisted were beaten with clubs and iron bars.
Flags at half-staff fluttered in the wind on the cold winter's day, and people were bundled up in parkas.
The cost for the bundled rate is based on the average historical cost of services for children in each disability category.

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