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Example sentences for bunches

If there is a disturbance to the nest, rattle-ants pick up bunches of their brood and move them to safety.
Dense bunches of pollen grains cling to each other in gnarled clumps.
These group-saving individuals secrete a polymer that enables bunches of individuals to form floating mats.
Lone banana at bottom of bunches acts as plug to keep internal fluids circulating.
Scraping across oil-stained concrete, it bunches up anthropomorphically.
At the latter place were bunches of gold medals, and silver dies.
Its giant bunches of red fruits are rich in oil that proved useful in soap and later as a lubricant for steam engines.
They come in bunches, often when bad weather throws flights off schedule at one or more big airport hubs.
The points came in bunches, which is typical for the streaky scorer.
Meanwhile, stack the kale leaves in bunches and cut crosswise into slivers.
The shop is overstocked, with bunches of clothes tightly packed on racks, sweaters strewn on a couch and dresses thrown into bins.
Rolls of bleaching paper to wrap bunches of celery to keep stalks white.
The oscillating electromagnetic field pushes the bunches down the pipe at higher and higher energies.
The smooth-edged leaves range from oval to spatulate in shape and are clustered in tight bunches close to the branches.
These flowers are white and grow in bunches on hawthorn trees.
The bunches were prepared by splitting the laser pulse incident on the rf photocathode and inserting an optical delay.
To create these short bunches, a bunching system is required.
The twisted yellow-green needles are found in bunches of three.
The more common white pine has needles in bunches of five and red pine has needles in bunches of two.
The six- to twelve-inch stems are unbranched, but occur in small bunches from divided rootstocks.

Famous quotes containing the word bunches

He bundles every forkful in its place, And tags and numbers it for future reference, So he can find and easily dislodge ... more
Black girl black girl lips as curved as cherries full as grape bunches sweet as blackberries... more
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