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Our group is such a great bunch that we're all so welcoming.
The point is to increase mechanization and eliminate the need for workers to harvest bunch by bunch.
There are a bunch of green peppers on the left and some others in the back.
Fill in the rest of the day with nursery hopping--there are a bunch in the area.
She carries a bunch of keys at her side, and is always dressed in white.
The footman who gathers two or three forks in a bunch will never do it a second time, and keep his place.
There are a bunch of ways to do this, and you'll get different answers, depending on whom you ask.
Your friends, advisers, and a bunch of strangers on search committees are aware of the positions for which you have applied.
It would also be helpful to take a look at rubrics done a bunch of different ways.
They cannot simply spit back a bunch of facts at me and try to dazzle me with how many things they do know.
For example, the sequentially ripening banana bunch.
The townspeople are skeptical at first but soon bring small offerings: a head of cabbage, a bunch of carrots, a bit of beef.
Which suggests that there were probably more than a few bakers in the bunch way back when.
Certainly not a bunch of tiny images but rather an integrated sensation.
They are not a bunch of sub groups fighting for advantage over the next.
Which means, the whole world is getting demolished by a bunch of stoned people.
Cyber criminals are a slippery bunch, adept at covering their digital fingerprints to stay one step ahead of the law.
The real challenge is having a positive, happy outlook while still worrying a bunch so you can live longer and still be thin.
We are dealing with a bunch of variations and patterns of the basic oscillations in nature.
Our politicians are too smart to be taken in by a bunch of lobbyists.
The article is a bunch of unsubstantiated baloney blaming global warming for many other changes to various animals environments.
Only thing is theres only so many pictures to choose from, this helps their servers not have to store a bunch of pictures.
They are a bunch of idiots who don't think of a family, disrespect human rights, and then shoot you.
Article also attracted a bunch of creepy commenters.
Americans, normally a patriotic and positive bunch, are perhaps being affected by the recession.
Despite some radical policies, the coalition is a duller bunch.
His cardiologist put him through a bunch of tests, including a computerised tomography scan.
Better yet, give me people who think rock art is nothing more than a bunch of old graffiti on a boulder or cave wall.
But it hasn't exactly inspired a bunch of innovation rallies and bake sales.
The other misconception would be the opposite-that we're all a bunch of crazy alcoholics.
They would sometimes move the bones to a new location and/or pile a bunch together.
In other words, that's why it tastes so much better when you actually take a bunch of fresh oranges and squeeze them yourself.
There are more than one flowers, so it may correctly be called a bunch.
Forget what you've heard about them as a bunch of insecure, angst-ridden underachievers.
Getting ready for a long road trip usually entails going to the grocery store and packing the car with a bunch of goodies.
He invited a bunch of investors to see his demonstration.
So you could import a bunch of code and it would automatically arrange it into a hierarchy that my editor could edit.
Print out a bunch of animal pictures and color them in.
We've included only all-mountain equipment-there are no bump skis or halfpipe specialists in the bunch.
Her students, nine of us in all, were a heterogeneous bunch.
Not exactly the way you want to start a three-week-long field trip up north with a bunch of strangers.
The exhibits are interactive, and there are a bunch of games to play.
We filled up the hole with all the used-up diamond drill bits and sent a bunch of pipe whistling down the hole.
However, it turns out to be a bunch of lame games, so he spends his time with the other boys plotting their escape.
There were five females and a whole bunch of cubs with them.
There's beaches for rest days, deep-water soloing, a bunch of different climbing areas.
Our cast and crew are over a hundred strong, and we're a pretty strange looking bunch.
It all starts there with a bunch of immigrants bringing their music to a city that can take it all.
When one species goes extinct, a whole bunch of animals is affected and somewhere along the chain, we're affected.
The only way to do it is to have a whole bunch of people, each going to their own place along the shore and watching the grunion.
He kept an eye on the five when they moved off in a bunch, causing an oncoming car to slow to a crawl as they crossed the street.
The receivers bunch to the left and the first tight end splits out wide to the right.
Another show, another ragtag bunch of seekers on a mysterious quest that involves an awful lot of running.
They're an intriguing bunch, who combine a kind of raw experience and world-weariness with gutsy, un-pretty uses of the body.
Whiptail lizards are a fairly ordinary-looking bunch, but some species are among the strangest animals around.
Shove a bunch of leftover genes in there, mix it up and send it to your relatives see what kind of animal you get.
Mole rats are a pretty ugly, obscure bunch of creatures.
The broken filaments can no longer slide neatly back over one another and instead bunch up, causing the kinks.
It's probably not even the threat of winding up with a bunch of clones who look identical, creepy though that would be.
Visualizing a recording this way lets you describe the music in terms of geometric shapes instead of as a bunch of frequencies.
Eventually the authorities send an expedition up to find out what's going on and discover a bunch of starving aliens.
They were a friendly bunch, but he found them terribly sad.
For she was the only one of the bunch he even noticed.
Rather, if you get a bunch of people to flip coins a bunch of times, you'll get a distribution.
It doesn't do us much good to have a bunch of shiny new electric cars--that sit on dealer lots.
In fact, it's a whole bunch of things, some of which are good for the economy in the long run and some of which are less good.
The ketchup has a mellow, integrated curry flavor, and may have been my favorite sauce of the bunch.
Of course, there are a bunch of restaurants and clubs, but there weren't that many lounges that served food and were open late.
In the case of broccoli, particular care must be made in selecting a good bunch.
If you've got a long drive home or a bunch of errands to do, pick up the chicken last, and pack it in a cooler with ice packs.
The demotion of one device is, potentially, the promotion of a bunch of others.
Immigrant players of all races have diluted the native stock and turned us into a bunch of sissies.
The main customers were a small bunch of local children who used to buy a few pennies' worth of lollipops after school.
With such riches to choose from, you might think it would be a snap to put a bunch of blogs into a book and call it an anthology.
Now the same liberated bunch dissatisfied, even bored him.
The car has racked up a bunch of awards and favorable reviews.
First of all, the viruses can be grown in animals, so you don't need a bunch of high tech cell cultures.
If you eliminate this protection, you must probably supplant a bunch of agri-chemicals for artificial protection.
By comparing a bunch of hashes from two files, you can determine the percentage difference between them.
My sister-in-law bought a bunch of holiday-themed fabrics, and sewed them into bags.
As to the point about drilling, a bunch of new leases have been approved recently.
In other words, it's not all about a bunch of subprime loans.
Most software is developed exactly the way you think it is: you pay a bunch of geeks in cubicles to write it.
We did one day of auditions and a bunch of guys came in.
We were part of the first bunch of bands after that movement.
Currently you have to kiss a bunch of strange people in the world of film and television.
They have a whole bunch of these nails and they give them as gifts.
On the other hand, you could grow a fresh bunch for pennies.

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