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The round ends of the nucleus are bumpy and rough, indicating material is loosely aggregated there.
Scorpions protect their bodies with bumpy, grooved exoskeletons.
It can be a long, bumpy, wet ride home when the weather turns nasty.
Trips in these cars were often long and bumpy, making it extremely uncomfortable for those left standing.
But when his transition to life on campus was bumpy, she was there for him.
Many colleges look to online education as the path to growth, but it is often a bumpy road.
But at that point your shocks are probably frozen too, so the bumpy ride is due to a combination of factors.
Apparently it was a bumpy beginning but all went well initially.
Turbulence is a problem that extends far beyond a bumpy plane ride.
It's called stridulation, and it involves rubbing the sharp edge of one wing across the bumpy edge of the other.
Taught, bumpy ride gets exhausting on long freeway trips.
But even if you're giddy at the prospect of an extra dimension, the path toward stereoscopic bliss is going to be bumpy.
The result: a bumpy, sluggish experience as you navigate through the device's options.
Because they are delicate, they aren't suited for bumpy roads.
As the lunar surface is bumpy and as good a mirror as dirt, it would be difficult to fake a signal from one of these reflectors.
Air is clearer in the morning and usually not as bumpy.
Hardy surmises that the lab-reared wasps were agitated during the bumpy ride from the lab to the field and were releasing skatole.
When the going gets bumpy, you can shoulder the load with backpack straps that hide away when not in use.
My brother likes to drive his motorcycles fast, even when it's over bumpy pastureland.
It's been a bumpy ride from realism to believability.
Later in life, a concrete pavement can produce a bumpy ride if the joints between the concrete slabs are uneven.
She did great on the flight even though it was a bit bumpy.
There is no road-map for governments to do this, so firms should prepare for a bumpy ride.
The road to democracy is likely to be bumpy, especially if armed soldiers supervise the votes.
The path to a market economy will no doubt be bumpy.
The wiggly and slightly bumpy slope will be lengthened, and comfortable villas will be added to the existing bunkhouses.
Deaths due to state-based conflicts show jagged peaks in the two world wars, followed by a bumpy but consistent trailing-off.
For all the election-date calculations, a bumpy start to the recovery matters far less than whether it can be sustained.
But they found the road to stability and faster growth a long and bumpy one.
The transition to full-service investment-solutions provider could be bumpy.
Bumpy, unmetalled roads call for good ground clearance and heavy-duty suspensions.
Yet vetting failure is the latest stage in a bumpy parliamentary initiation for the radical nationalist grouping.
The track toward recovery is bumpy and comprises many irregularities.
Another was that there was evidence that they were smoothing bumpy earnings.
But at the outskirts of the capitals the prosperity fades out in bleak housing estates, tatty factories, bumpy roads.
Her thighs are too big, her breasts too small and her nose bumpy.
As in nature, however, evolution in the lab can be a bumpy ride.
Pavements are broken and patched, and wrinkled, and bumpy.
But a price-driven response will also likely be bumpy and play havoc with global food supply.
The characters can't get any kind of rhythm going, but the actors hold the bumpy conversations in tension.
The road was long and bumpy, the setbacks spectacular and often self-inflicted.
The road became bumpy again, the ice moved in the wagon.
We've shared the same life and been through the same bumpy roads and beautiful clear skies.
The timing is bumpy, undramatized, full of air pockets: at times the entire show has the feel of a deleted scene.
And the flight had been through bad, bumpy weather all the way.
Despite the glitches and a few bumpy transitions, the piece did not fall apart.
And if the road gets bumpy, a shock sensor detects the vibration so that he can stabilize his body and stay on the seat.
The mouth of the bottle is large enough to accommodate ice cubes, but that also means sipping can be dodgy on bumpy flights.
The road to these parliamentary elections has been bumpy.
In conventional vehicles, shocks convert the vertical motion caused by running over a bumpy road into heat.
The bumpy country road wound deeper into the scrubland until at last an undulating shape appeared in the distance.
But custom-designed functional foods are still a long way from the dinner table-and the ride home could get bumpy.
When your speed matched that average, the ride would feel less bumpy.
At an ant's size, small twigs and leaves can be the equivalent of a bumpy, unpaved motorway.
For an experienced cyclist, it's an intuitive reaction to a bumpy road.
And, actually, the ride in the stretch limo is rather bumpy.
The rattle is intermittent, never on the highway and worse on bumpy roads.
The animal is bumpy with leathery skin and has two openings in which water and food particles enter and leave the body.
The skin blisters are often accompanied by significant enlargement and bumpy tissue.
The vibrations experienced by wheelchair users on bumpy surfaces can make a pedestrian facility less accessible.
Due to this lack of bond, pot holes will show up making for a bumpy ride.
Imagine what would happen if homes had wheels and was speeding down a twisting, bumpy road.
Electrons injected at the top of the image rain down in a branched flow pattern, as they ride over a bumpy landscape.
So air is a slightly bumpy ride for light to go through.
Bumpy rash on nape of neck, behind ears and/or crown of head may appear after persistent infestation.

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