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They are serenely calm, they rise gently, and it takes faith not to worry they'll come down with a bump.
On a flat surface, an object covered with a piece of cloth would normally be detectable based on its telltale bump.
Dip in a hand or foot, and within seconds small fish will swarm, bump and nibble it.
But that means you can do it too and bump up your ratings.
Don't bump into any microphone stands if you're in a recording studio.
They are a little clumsy though and bump into things.
Now brokers are debating whether that sales bump was a one-time event driven by pent-up demand, or is likely to continue.
University lawyers often bump up against an athletics world where speed and money trump legal deliberation.
We've included only all-mountain equipment-there are no bump skis or halfpipe specialists in the bunch.
Each bump on the tyrannosaur is displacement mapped.
But for anything larger, you'll want to bump the power to full blast.
News of the possible delay has caused a bump in the stocks of for-profit companies.
On the other hand, since rents will no longer be a running expense, operating earnings could see a bump upwards.
We bump along past stretches of gorgeous tropical coastline and snake through acres of farmland.
Gravitons also bump things from the sides and cause inertia.
Once in a while they would bump into each other and thrash around.
If you're lucky, that might bump up to umbrella percent.
Now as you're walking out of the experiment you happen to bump into me.
Some of this can be blamed on a bump in the number of people entering the labour market, some of them from far afield.
We won't be tossing out all of science, and going back to the cave worrying about things that go bump in the night.
As technology wears away these obstacles, the law may be the only speed bump for government surveillance to overcome.
My nose is large for my face and, while not hooked, has a bump in the ridge.
In effect, the pulse acts as a speed bump for light.
These are the times when things go bump in the night.
As the squid swims, smaller animals bump into the arms and get stuck.
For that matter you can speculated that the universe is a large bump on my backside.
When a vehicle using the technology hits a small bump in the road, hydraulic fluid squirts into a turbine.
Memory is easily disrupted-a bump on the head will do it.
The suppliers rely on glitches and delays to bump up the cost.
Persuade your guide to tow along an inflatable kayak to bump up the fun factor during the rapids.
Yet in ecological terms, each would have been a small speed bump.
The javelinas grunt softly and bump into each other as they snack.
Others though are hangers on, gathered by accident as the flies bump around the world.
Wash your hands after you high five, fist bump or shake someone's hand.
Once altered, these proteins can bump into other prions and cause them to take on the new shape as well.
Bird hadn't figured they would come so close, but now he worried that one of them might bump into his rifle.
At the end of the day, this report is more a bump on the road than a step towards recognizing the value of teaching.
There is a huge population bump in college right now so of course degrees are up.
But before receptors can switch on, they often have to bump into one another.
In humans, the third eyelid has been reduced to a rudimentary fleshy bump in the inner corner of the eye.
But this improvement may stall has it begins to bump against the large and growing bloc of long-term jobless workers.
Not only can you bump tunes in record time, but it can also simultaneously dock and charge your iPod.
While kids exposed to preschool got an initial bump in general intelligence, this dissipated by second grade.
The eyelid bump worsens or does not improve within a week or two of self-care.
In many critical areas, his best efforts bump up against disappointing failures.
If left untreated, however, they can organize and form a permanent bump on the inner surface of the lip.
The going is quite bump, and it stop and starts continually.
But once in a while a group of instructions will bump into each other, join together, and begin to cooperate in a felicitous way.
And there's a lot of state employees for whom a legally recognized degree means automatic bump in wages.
Unfortunately, my line didn't bump me up a pay grade.
Here's a way to do that and get thousands of teachers a pay bump.
She wore a dark purple dress that complemented her bump and her skin tone quite nicely.
Such a bump is to be expected for a much-publicized cultural attraction, of course.

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