bumbling in a sentence

Example sentences for bumbling

Of course it wasn't all bumbling and bathroom breaks.
They didn't want a whole film crew bumbling in there and destroying parts of the cave that are incredibly pristine.
The story is a true account of what this poor bumbling couple did with their first dog.
He is way too neurotic to handle this, however, so he compensates by representing himself as a bumbling idiot.
He is played by a different actor each time-the first rotund and bumbling, the latest weedy and quiet.
However it is we're bumbling along, we're doing okay.
In the newspapers, these problems were looked upon as a lot of bumbling and incompetence.
His own lawyers painted him as a bumbling misfit living out a spy fantasy.
One useful thing that you've discovered in your bumbling about is a metal doorknob set at waist level into what might be a door.
There's an intriguing mystery, exotic settings, likable heroes and nasty-but-bumbling baddies.
Who had stopped the bumbling politicians from implementing the lofty ideas you mentioned above.
But you don't to be governor by being a bumbling fool.
But the note also reignited criticism of their bumbling rescue efforts.
Two bumbling boneheads who are kicked out of flying school decide to remain airborne by becoming stewardesses.
It is set in a run-down diner where a bumbling short-order cook and a klutzy waitress work.
It features a weapons-wise, no-nonsense heroine who combats a malevolent wizard and his bumbling sidekick.
Whether it is an evil stepmother, a prince or the bumbling stepsisters, your entire family will enjoy this story.
Then there also was stumbling, fumbling and bumbling.
See concurring opinion on bumbling bifurcation of prosecutions.
One day, he encounters a bumbling old wizard who becomes his tutor.
All the while security was bumbling around with ticket holders, all heck could have broken lose in other places.
So, your bracket has more dead ends than a bumbling detective on his first case.
They are prosecuting a bumbling idiot that no one likes and that has many, many, many character flaws.
They appear to be bumbling along and not organized in terms of what information they want released to the public.
He's a bit bumbling and bit naive and a bit ham-handed.
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