bumble in a sentence

Example sentences for bumble

They bumble along through life never really contemplating the life they live unaware in difficult to define ways.
The social bees, both honey and bumble, have a distinctive set that consists of surprisingly few species.
Honey bees and bumble bees help transfer pollen between fruit trees, necessary for producing healthy crops of edible fruit.
Description and comparison of carpenter bees to bumble bees.
Mud bees are not as likely to sting as honey and bumble bees.
Bees also need a variety of sizes, ranging from big sturdy flowers for the bumble bees to small delicate ones for the sweat bees.
Flowers with restricted accessibility are visited by bumble bees at higher elevations.

Famous quotes containing the word bumble

When poets go off the boil, they sound like bumble bees; when critics do, they sound like sewing machines.... more
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