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Bullion coins are gaining in popularity and many nations find them a lucrative way to raise funds.
Even if industrial users foresee shortages, there are ample stocks of bullion in private hands to satisfy demand.
With bullion prices rising and economic doubts gathering, times should be good for gold producers.
It does not pay them any interest, though they may earn a little by lending it to bullion dealers.
Bullion is denominated by weight and purity, not in dollars.
It has also clamped down on the grey-market trade in bullion.
It has spawned networks of smugglers who take much of the bullion out of the country and trade it for dollars, weapons or drugs.
Unless you take delivery of bullion and then start minting coins you are going to have to use a paper currency at some point.
Everyone who had money and invested it in anything other than gold bullion lost money.
Paper money, it seemed, had to be convertible into bullion on demand for it to be accepted.
Explains the difference between gold bullion and gold bullion coins.
Gold bullion is not a monetary instrument for purposes of this requirement.
Retail sales of coins and precious metal bullion are exempt from sales tax.
There are no existing federal or state standards on weight or pureness of gold bullion.

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