bullhorn in a sentence

Example sentences for bullhorn

When you pull out a bullhorn, even if people don't change their politics, they cannot help but listen.
He had a bullhorn but for some reason he wasn't using it.
In one of the videos, an official uses a bullhorn to warn the crowd.
The device can be equipped with either a headset or an adjustable gooseneck microphone and has a bullhorn jack.
He is speaking into a microphone attached to a bullhorn.
The bullhorn should also be used to direct the occupants when evacuating the building.
It could be by yelling out through a bullhorn or even making a telephone call to the people inside.
He floats up above the protesters, and produces a bullhorn.
That's why the principal uses her red plastic bullhorn.
He stood up on a pile of rubble with a bullhorn in his hand.
The starter will announce your entry name with a bullhorn.
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