bulletin board in a sentence

Example sentences for bulletin board

Nearby, another bulletin board fools the viewer into thinking it is painted.
Many citizens wrote messages on a local bulletin board expressing their support.
The site also hosts a bulletin board devoted to canine genetics topics.
In the bulletin board post, he talks about the star not being round.
After posting complaints on the bulletin board, members scheduled a meeting to find a cure for this chronic pain.
Mount these on colored construction paper on a bulletin board, ready for the first day of the lesson.
It's bulletin board material for the players whether coaches say so or not.
The following pages provide instructions and all the graphics used in the bulletin board shown below.
Encourage increased physical activity with fitness and exercise bulletin board resources.
Decorate bulletin board with blue paper background for the pond.

Famous quotes containing the word bulletin board

And so they have left us feeling tired and old. They never cared for school anyway. And they have left us with the thing... more
I am fooling only myself when I say my mother exists now only in the photograph on my bulletin board or in ... more
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