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Every day, the papers are full of victims, bodies lying out in grotesque poses with bullet wounds all about.
She should also have bullet points under relevant positions that highlight where and how she's used the skills.
Many of the bullet trains now brake at the first seismic tremor.
After examining the patient, the doctors concurred that it was not possible to remove the bullet.
He also revealed that some fragments of the bullet remained in her brain and could not be safely removed.
It sticks to one page, it uses bullet points and boldface type effectively, and is well spaced.
It features gold plated bullet-proof windows, tungsten and white gold gauges and bullet proof tires.
Nuclear power was once thought of as a silver bullet that would cure all pollution problems.
He died, apparently of bullet wounds to the head and abdomen, shortly before sunrise the next day.
Conservation of angular momentum with a bullet hitting a merry go round.
The résumé looks much better with the addition of bullet points and the inclusion of relevant employment experience.
One response to this line of thinking is to say, phew, the world economy dodged a bullet.
The new formation is known as the bullet cluster, because the gas forms a bullet shape in the smaller colliding cluster.
Clearly, these bullet points represent an overarching, general strategy.
Shown here is a high-speed video in his lab of a bullet piercing eggs.
Bullet train travel is much less stressful than air or car travel.
When it comes to dealing with climate change, some people are looking for a silver bullet.
People end up with bullet points that contradict one another, and no one notices.
The bullet slams into the base of the now-huge pyre and discharges its deadly cargo into the beast's fiery heart.
With each job use bullet points to describe what you did.
With dozens of bullet and shrapnel wounds, he knew he was lucky to have survived.
Until it zaps you with a laser, and shoots you with pepper spray bullet.
Really, about half of the bullet points above could be negatives depending on your perspective.
Gross compiles a list of bullet points the student can use on his or her résumé.
Please do not write in bullet points, especially if you're in a field that cares about writing.
If one is killed by a bullet aimed or simply a misfire, dead is dead.
Her zealous pursuit of counterfeit medicines nearly earned her a bullet in the head, leaving instead a hole in her headdress.
He showed videos of a calculus textbook stopping a pistol bullet, but not stopping a rifle bullet.
In any form, ethanol is far from being a silver bullet for environmental and energy woes, however.
Of course, if all you are going to do is present a list of bullet points, then go with the handout.
If you're going to do something about climate change, there is not one silver bullet.
He thinks he dodged a bullet here, because the two weeks of training is unpaid and they can still decline to hire you after that.
But his reign was painfully brief, ending in his bedroom with a single bullet fired into his head at close range.
They fired a volley from their muskets, every bullet aimed.
He dueled in her defense and his own, suffering grievous wounds that left him with bullet fragments lodged about his body.
Firing again from a rest, the bullet broke his hind leg far up and went into his body.
Though, it should be stated that there does not seem to be a magic bullet for reducing the cost of coal-to-electricity.
Sensors can help find a sniper by measuring the acoustical signature of a bullet.
The traditional method of execution-a single bullet to the back of the convict's head-is to be replaced by a lethal injection.
It thus has a wide range of uses, from abrasives and cutting tools to bullet-proof vests and ceramic brakes in sports cars.
Stricken roads, bullet trains and factories have returned to normal with astonishing speed.
There will, it is true, be more drugs to prescribe as each subtype of each common disease gets its own private magic bullet.
There is no silver-bullet solution to this dilemma, but there is one hugely underestimated fuel: natural gas.
At which point, an ambush and a bullet seem plausible.
Brisk sales for bullet proof garments, bullet proof autos and blast resistant trucks.
But blood does not gush from a bullet wound, and life does not fade terminally from the eyes.
As he did, a bullet struck his head, splashing blood all over the vehicle's interior.
Faye thinks this could be a scar from an old bullet wound.
We climbed through an aperture in the bullet-riddled stone rampart that surrounded the monastery.
He suffered a high velocity bullet wound to the head while in combat.
Once hailed as a magic bullet cure-all, psychedelic drugs are center stage of a new medical frontier.
Those not killed for their meat or hides or oil got a bullet on general principles, because they competed with humans for fish.
Yes, he straps on his laser-sighted, hollow-point-bullet-loaded pistol whenever he goes jogging.
It's an editorial mix with vaguely defined parameters, but for me it's all about the candy-coated bullet of the political screeds.
People showed me mobile-phone footage of armored trucks accelerating into people and held up shotgun and bullet casings.
The gunman had aimed a little too high, and the bullet had grazed his scalp.
Dozens of other people were treated for bullet wounds.
Limit the damage to bullet holes and splattered body parts.
New lightweight vests for cops and soldiers that can stop any bullet.
The first segment consists of a bullet-shaped balloon filled with helium, making it lighter than air.
They get a bullet on their resume, access to resources, and get to meet coeds.
So, all in all, not much seems to be a magic bullet.
Each bullet made an indentation only two fifths to four fifths of an inch deep.
Based on this advice, he took a big step forward, and a bullet smashed into the wall next to us right where his head had been.
These programs are far from the magic bullet, but the evidence shows that they can make a difference.
Complex ideas that are clear and compelling can be summarized clearly without being reduced to a silly bullet point.
Bullet number two is interesting in that it debunks bullet number one, but then does not paint an accurate picture.
The bullet made a sharp ricochet sound as it took a corner off the ice chunk, and the repeat echoed across the water.
Basically, it's the magic bullet we've all been waiting for: liquid hotness.
Yet they were defending the same leadership to the last bullet.
He doesn't pull the trigger, but he provides the bullet.
But if a real cure ever comes, it will probably not be a single silver bullet.
It's almost a bullet-pointed list of logical fallacies.
There are millions of tons of gas in it as well, moving dozens of times faster than a rifle bullet.
Less well known seems to be the fact that, taken at face value, the bullet cluster is also a disproof of standard cosmology.

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