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The northern flank of the mountain was bulging outward at a rate of more than one meter per day as magma built up inside.
If your cymbidium orchids are bulging out of their containers or the bark has decomposed, it's time to repot them.
Colleges face a challenge to masculinity that bulging muscles, rumbling voices, and jacked-up pickup trucks won't remedy.
For example, bulging of the mirror surface can defocus a laser beam.
Sure bulging legs and tremendous stamina will keep you in the race, but the right gear is crucial if you want to win.
They shouldn't define any structure bulging out from the lateral and dorsal surfaces of the skull.
Its sides are smooth, and sometimes bulging from the presence of a small air sinus in the interior.
We approach one that appears to be sleeping, its rumpled back and bulging head rolling with the waves.
Rich found that the dinosaur had bulging optic lobes, parts of the brain that process visual information.
No longer do they stay quietly in their bulging neighborhoods, out of everyone's way but their own.
The newsstands are bulging with papers and countless glossy magazines.
People around him noticed his bulging eyes and jaundiced complexion, and the limp caused by unremitting pain.
The instruments record a continuing pattern of heaving and bulging and act as an early warning system.
Once the bag is bulging with paper, press it into a ball or other shape and tie off the top of the bag with ribbon or string.
The bulging secondaries give the wing a sinuous trailing edge.
Tense muscles, eyes bulging, blood pressure rising ha ha ha.
And then there were the large, bulging eyes, springing from each side of the animal's head.
It's bulging and substantial, but the helmet is still surprisingly lightweight.
In one instance, a producer's packages were bulging on the grocery shelf and threatening to explode.
His jeans were worn and bulging mid-leg, as though he spent his days kneeling.
The first doctor had raised the possibility of a bulging disk.
This, accompanied by his bulging eyes and weight loss, suggests hyperthyroidism.
It makes a thick line across the sky, the central hub bulging out in the middle.
But the braincase was a bit too large, and the forehead a bit too bulging, to belong to an ape.
There was a suspicious bulging at the back, below and behind the tonsil.
They monitor the world on a bulging, convex retina, dotted with photoreceptors that harvest light from different points in space.
Pressure due to magma pushed on the crust, leveraging it upwards, bulging it.
The bulging tissue or organ is placed back inside the muscle wall, the muscle tissue is repaired, and the skin is closed.
The surgeon will tighten the opening in your diaphragm to keep your stomach from bulging through.
Swollen gums are abnormally enlarged, bulging, or protruding.
Subcutaneous emphysema can often be seen as a smooth bulging of the skin.
He started it by sitting out several weeks due to a bulging disc in his back.
Bulging suitcases might weigh more than the official limit or be too large, leading to fines and excess charges.
If it is a round eggplant, it should be taut and almost bulging.
Whether you agree with its values or not, capitalism is a system positively bulging with moral content.
His bank has problems of its own, to be sure, such as a bulging book of toxic home-equity loans.
In another couple of decades these only children will have to worry about looking after a bulging population of elderly citizens.
Not all miners reckon that attempting mammoth mergers is the best use of their bulging wallets.
Perhaps it is the rising inequality and the bulging at the top of the income distribution that is fueling this top end inflation.
Don't count on being able to tell that canned foods have gone bad simply by checking to see if they are bulging.
Each participant comes armed with notebooks bulging with job reviews.

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