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The common incandescent light bulb will soon become a lot less common.
Two of the switches do nothing, but one of them controls a bulb on the second floor.
When prices fall, the bulb will dim and the country could be plunged back into darkness.
In standard flash photography, a bulb on the camera releases a burst of light.
In containers, plant in porous mix with bulb tip near the surface.
It's still spring, and bulb planting season is months away.
The bulb foliage may fade, but the rocks act as place markers forever.
Every spring bulb is a perfect package, containing everything necessary for a splendid spring flower show.
Rosemary bushes are full of blue flowers, bulb blossoms are starting to crack open, and spring blooms are budded up ready to go.
Unscrew a light bulb that uses a lot of electricity and replace it with one that uses much less.
Electrons are sprayed uniformly over a broad area inside the bulb, which is coated with a phosphor mixture.
The psychological equivalent of a burned-out light bulb or a stovetop's ice-cold back burner.
The wet-bulb thermometer cools to the lowest value possible in a few minutes.
Second, the light bulb gives light in all directions so you only see a small part of the whole.
If you had enough scalps hooked up you might be able to light a flashlight bulb.
The same applies to as simple a thing as a light bulb.
They are to regular conductors what a laser beam is to a light bulb.
Plastic manufacturers, find some way to make your product essential in a compact fluorescent bulb.
The scientists did discover new neurons in two other parts of the brain, the hippocampus and the olfactory bulb.
The superheated meteor atoms and molecules then glow in a process that is similar to a fluorescent bulb.
Welcome to the light bulb energy savings calculator.
With an electrical current, the diode emits a bright light around the small bulb.
Light bulbs that produce more for less are widely available, and saving electricity is as simple as changing the bulb in the lamp.
Basically, you give students a battery, a bare copper wire and a small light bulb.
Inside a near-vacuum bulb, it stayed alight for more than half a day.
Lower frequencies are a light bulb, illuminating a wide circle.
One of them pulled the string on the kitchen bulb, and her cry brought the other two.
He has often told me that the light bulb came back on the day he started consuming medium-chain fatty acids.
Popular wisdom says that a slow cooker uses only as much energy as a light bulb.
Trim the feathery stalks and root of fennel so the base of the bulb is flat.
Garlic scapes are picked off the plant to increase bulb size, but a scape pesto can be the envy of all your friends.
He simply rehashed the tired joke about the light bulb and how many are needed to turn it.
Supply sergeants seem to have heard only of one bulb: the florescent tube.
The precise positioning of glomeruli within the olfactory bulb probably simplifies the brain's job somewhat.
Take out your smart phone, raise the camera so it can see the bulb, and pray that you're right.
The egg's contents are emptied through a hole and a bulb can be inserted instead, casting pretty shadows on walls and ceilings.
Most of this was due to a huge size increase in the olfactory bulb and olfactory cortex, brain areas responsible for smell.
In other words, about the temperature of a tungsten light bulb.
Think of it as if you would stare at a light bulb which suddenly becomes several factors brighter.
As a rule, they took the shape of three-foot-long smooth-walled cylinders that terminated in a bulb where the lungfish curled up.
Do not use bulb in enclosed or airflow restricted area.
For someone who had recently dined on a light bulb and afterward hammered a nail into his nostril, he looked rather fit.
One item is an electric-light bulb, perfectly ordinary except for its size, which is three feet long.
There is nothing else in the room-except a bare light bulb on the ceiling, well out of reach.
They housed their patrons in windowless five- by seven-foot rooms furnished with a bed, a chair, and a bare light bulb.
Trim fennel stalks flush with bulb and discard stalks.
Cut fennel stalks flush with bulb, discarding them, and trim off any tough outer layers from bulb.
Each bulb produces a clump of about five or six shallots, so that a pint of shallots planted may yield as much as three quarts.
The new material could be used to make a novel type of organic light bulb.
Touching a picture of a light bulb lit up an actual bulb.
Everything that can be recycled is, and energy conservation programs are detailed down to room temperature and light-bulb specs.
Most of that ends up as heat, so you warm a room as much as a bright light bulb.
The resulting current could power, say, a light bulb attached to the device.
Every electricity-powered item--each refrigerator, computer, and light bulb--emits electronic noise that can create interference.
The solution also send information about bulb errors and for solar solutions how much power the solar panels are charging.
The amount of light given by an incandescent light bulb depends upon the temperature of the filament.
The fact the bulb is sealed with a gas inside, leads me to think it works on an atomic level.

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