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Water plants keep ponds shaded, protecting them from heat buildup that stimulates algae growth.
Volcanologists thought that the buildup to a major eruption would take centuries.
Few events in the history of science have had a bigger buildup.
Obscured by all the commotion was the fact that, in this cold-war buildup, the weakest arm may still make all the difference.
So overwhelming was the buildup, many listeners were turned off before really giving their music a chance.
Boxers will play up ethnic differences during a fight's buildup because it helps to sell tickets.
Theories ranged from the emergence of an unknown infectious disease to the buildup of pesticides in the vultures' tissues.
White vinegar and lemon juice cut through greasy or waxy buildup, leaving the home smelling fresh and clean.
Dogs don't metabolize and excrete theobromine as fast as humans, causing toxic buildup in the blood.
Also, with this game, there's obviously a lot of buildup.
To remove buildup from winter products, mix two tablespoons of vinegar into your shampoo.
The trend in electronics toward miniaturization squeezes more chips into ever smaller devices, leading to intense heat buildup.
When algae die and decay, they suck oxygen out of the water, which encourages the buildup of organic matter on the seafloor.
It's possible that in sheltered lakes there was a buildup of gases over the surface water.
However the escalator also had a heavy buildup of litter, dirt and lint.
They theorized that methane-excreting bacteria in deep sediments might cause a buildup of the gas.
And because of the buildup of heme precursors, they excrete abnormally dark urine.
Intense swelling, from buildup of fluid, is often the result.
If inhaled, it can cause shortness of breath, a buildup of fluids in the lungs and reduced white and red blood cells.
Over time, the buildup of these particles provides enough thrust for a small spacecraft to travel in space.
Eating better and exercising regularly can not only stave off plaque buildup in arteries but reverse it, research has shown.
Don't allow heavy grease buildup on the oven interior.
Its stickiness also keeps the enzymes attached to clogs or buildup, giving them time to work their biochemical magic.
The buildup of this free time among the world's educated population-maybe a trillion hours per year-is a new resource.
So the buildup of evidence and interest must be gratifying.
The additives are used to prevent static buildup, reduce stickiness and eliminate bacterial colonization.
As aspen clones grow older, a slow buildup of genetic mutations impairs their pollen production.
Cabin pressure will be closer to sea level, easing pressure buildup in the sinuses and ears.
In this theory, the amyloid buildup is more a result of the disease than the cause.
Other scientists have confirmed that the antibodies protect against plaque buildup.
Find out how divers clean out the buildup in a sewage overflow tunnel.
The buildup of material on desalination membranes puts a big crimp in their efficiency.
In the event of a potential meltdown, the heat buildup would trigger a valve, allowing the water to flow into the reactor.
Eventually, the buildup of malfunctioning proteins in sheets and fibrils called amyloid starts killing brain cells.
She adds that some cells responded more quickly to the light, although others had a buildup of activity.
Over the course of years and decades, plaque buildup narrows your arteries and makes them stiffer.
Hydrocephalus is a buildup of fluid inside the skull, leading to brain swelling.
They also prevent fatty buildup and damage to the liver cells.
The condition can be complicated by significant fluid buildup around the heart and poor heart function.
The test is performed to determine the cause of the extra fluid, or to relieve symptoms from the fluid buildup.
The buildup of free radicals over time is largely responsible for the aging process.
To avoid heat buildup in your home, plan ahead by landscaping your lot to shade your house.

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