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Example sentences for building paper

Results for a wall with building paper that employed building paper.
In older houses brick veneer may only be attached to the wall with a layer of mortar between the brick and the building paper.
Many older homes do not have building paper under their horizontal siding around the crawl space.
All asphalt applications begin and end on building paper.
All aggregate applications begin and end on building paper.
Verify that each application begins and ends on building paper to form a straight transverse joint.
All emulsion applications begin and end on building paper.
Building paper is placed on top of the boards and under the final roofing layer such as shakes or shingles.
Board or shingle siding may be applied over sheathing or a building paper attached to either wood or steel stud framing.
Protecting a leaking roof with plywood and building paper until it can be properly repaired.
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