bugaboo in a sentence

Example sentences for bugaboo

Because of that old museum curator's bugaboo: ultraviolet light.
Now, free parking is a favorite bugaboo of a certain strain of microeconomists and economically minded commentators.
As always, the bugaboo is lift, since every additional measure of weight requires a vast addition of volume to hold gas.
Next, the population explosion is also turning out to be a bugaboo.
The conversion of handwriting into text has long been a bugaboo for tablets and their progenitors.
Instead, let's worry about the old bugaboo of drugs and gangs, that hundred-carat headline.
The service is also the perfect foil for a bugaboo of mobile devices: saving files.
The irrigation needed to keep parks green is another bugaboo.
Recharging, of course, is the big bugaboo of electric cars.
But her detachment is quite different from our contemporary bugaboo, alienation.
Even the old bugaboo of space, particularly here in the central office, is going to show considerable improvement.
It all comes down to the big old bugaboo called money.
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