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The millennium computer bug is totally predictable in its timing, but completely unpredictable in its effects.
One thing computer programmers agree on is that there is no such thing as a bug-free piece of software.
There is no hole in a computer into which you can drop a bug.
And, he is the guy a bug calls when it needs an agent.
Bring you rod, bug spray and the best hiking boots you can afford and you will never be let down.
Here is a great video showing a fake bug circus that charges a phone.
We work from the text, and the author's experience is that of being a bug on the editorial wall.
Worry about bug bites can also wait for warmer weather.
Used to be if spies wanted to eavesdrop, they planted a bug.
It isn't a bug enough disadvantage to spend a ton of money going somewhere else, tho.
If the bug is indeed harmless then this could be a good solution to the stink bug problem.
It may not be the same bug that that animal consumes in the wild.
She loved literature, had taught high school for a bit, and had the bug.
The entire arrangement makes it easy for this bifocal fish to spot a tasty bug flying above the water, or a bit of algae below.
Apple has said that this is a known bug that it plans to fix.
Meanwhile pharmaceutical companies do not have drugs in the pipeline to combat the new bug strains.
Although the bug affects few users, it becomes a public relations nightmare.
The antediluvian bug eyed monsters opposing this will retire soon enough.
Overcrowding and a shortage of resources constrain bug populations.
Its population rises and falls unpredictably, destroying clumps of pinewood as it peaks which then regenerate as the bug recedes.
Songbird, the open-source music player that makes finding music easy online, has been updated with new features and bug fixes.
It was a bug in the connectors that caused cash machines to jam.
The original version of the app was removed due to a bug that has since been fixed.
Yes, we're aware of this bug and we've addressed it.
Thankfully a doctor was able to identify it as bed bug bites and it started to heal.
The findings could aid the development of new treatment strategies to stop the persistent bug.
There it will stay hidden in the scrub to serve as a radio repeater for the signal from the tiny bug left inside.
The influenza virus mutates so quickly that last year's vaccination is usually ineffective against this year's bug.
Buy yourself a pair of skis, a kayak, and a case of bug repellent.
Ambiguity is not an opening for insight but a bug to be fixed.
Forget about the dream of creating bug-free software.
It is kind of a bug fix to the semantic gap problem.
Even in a sealed room, a well placed fiber optic cable in the ceiling would make for a pretty slick and nearly undetectable bug.
Studies of the bed bug's bizarre biology have revealed potential vulnerabilities.
Scientists try to block the bug's genes--or harden the trees.
More specifically, a bug's ear, or rather a replica of one.
Most household bug sprays contain chemicals called pyrethrins.
At one point, a tossed boulder hangs suspended in midair-a bug that needs to be fixed.
They did not think that the helicopter was an iron bug.
Farmers are using more pesticides to control stink bug growth.
Removing the battery and putting the bits in a fridge or other metal container disables any bug, but instantly arouses suspicion.
Programmers are increasingly calling upon bug-squashing tools for help at various stages in the software-development process.
Volunteers were asked to look away while a researcher put a bug on one of the skin patches.
The result is a bug that is specially adapted for a particular task.
The biggest breakthroughs so far have been in weed and bug control.
They find a suitable water hole and roll in its mud, coating their skin with a natural bug repellent and sun block.
The bug also spawned a number of ad-supported sites that made it easy to retrieve photos.
Now, the iQ is either cute as a bug or as homely as a mud fence, depending upon your perspective.
The goal is a treatment that would render the patient's body completely inhospitable to the bug.
It's a pretty unfortunate thing if you get infected by a bug resistant to many drugs and you only find out when nothing works.
Any bug that walks on this frictionless zone falls to its doom.
Sunscreen with added bug repellent: you can get too much of the pesticide in your body.

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