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Nonverbal show blends martial arts, gymnastics, and buffoonery.
The only buffoonery here is how dismissive diversity champs can be when they see an opinion other than their own.
But there is a sturdiness of character and stirring intensity of action, with a happy admixture of buffoonery, through it all.
But spare us the pathetic hyperbolic accusations and buffoonery.
In fact, such a cover of buffoonery serves him well.
Arenas can police this kind of obnoxious buffoonery much better than they do.
And people who think it should be a more respectful event will never accept that buffoonery has a place in the ceremony.
There is a limit to so-called comedy business projected through proximity with the dead, a limit to charnel-house buffoonery.
For if anything is more remarkable than the outrageous buffoonery of this team of cut-ups, it is their fabulous popularity.
There are also moments when the scenes are little more than buffoonery.
Tho early days were characterized by a spirit of buffoonery and a tendency to burlesque.

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