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Example sentences for buffoon

Expect more than oversize shoes and squirting flowers at this year's three-week celebration of all things buffoon.
Anyway, childish heckling says more about the buffoon than the speaker.
When another news crew showed up, the big buffoon did it all over again.
Both buffoon and mime, he trips his way through two silent signature pieces.
It's surely a sign of intellectual cowardice to imagine a buffoon as the face of an opposing ideology.
If the racist buffoon wastes his money on hateful ads, the people will all know what he stands for.
To anyone else this balderdash merely confirms him as a buffoon.
In popular culture, he has often been portrayed as something of a buffoon.
At best, it's a quick way to be branded a fashion buffoon by the style elite.
They get rid of a buffoon and it doesn't cost them a dime.
Please remove this buffoon and his apologist arguments from your writing staff immediately.
But his weirdly epicene intruder is little more than a colorful buffoon, a bit of comic relief, in the proceedings.
But for all his grandiose pretensions, he is a buffoon-and a particularly nasty one.

Famous quotes containing the word buffoon

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