buffeting in a sentence

Example sentences for buffeting

Not an easy task, considering the economic and political turmoil that is currently buffeting many nations around the world.
Meantime, out in the world, immense changes were buffeting the profession.
The orcas killed the gray by drowning and buffeting it.
It was equipped with digital systems that unerringly corrected for pilot error as well as any buffeting caused by bad weather.
In the roadster, wind-buffeting with the top down isn't a problem, even at high speeds.
Buffeting vibration is the vibration produced by turbulence.
The result is that the pilot feels a buffeting and vibration of both wing and tail controls.
Buffeting can be a fatal problem leading to premature failure of a wind turbine.
Crews working have been challenged by the constant buffeting of the winds and dust storms.
He went up to the tower top, battling the freezing rain and buffeting gusts.
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