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Your planet is being buffeted by solar wind-particles of protons and electrons that the sun spews into space.
Wide fabric-fastener strap keeps armband on even when severely buffeted.
They've escaped scientific attention in part because blennies live among rocks buffeted by large, violent waves.
The wind battered the thick windows and ripped past the superstructure with a buffeted keening.
The impious judge commanded her face to be buffeted.
We can do better than that, but not until the budget is buffeted by more than policy.
The blizzard of charges and countercharges that have buffeted him ever since have made him a fixture on the gossip sites.
Economies are constantly buffeted by changes-booms and busts, random shocks and demographic trends among them.
Euro-zone leaders find themselves buffeted by a crisis they cannot control.
Inflation appears to be buffeted by many other factors.
And so several trends have buffeted all of the rich world.
Of course in the short run, markets would be buffeted by uncertainty and fear.
Those lessons are especially relevant right now, as politicians pour billions into firms buffeted by the recession.
The economy, buffeted by a slump in garment exports and tourism because of the war, is perking up.
Consolidation is the game in the buffeted airline industry.
Unsure of its mission, it was readily buffeted by shifting political winds.
She has been buffeted all week by the emotions of going public with her divorce.
And they also manage to make you care about him, as he gets buffeted and tossed around, being as he lacks a face.
US airlines buffeted by fuel costs but hopeful of recovery.
After being buffeted by the wake from a jet ahead of them, the pilots made several sharp rudder movements.
Chaplains remain the time-honored sanctuary for those buffeted by fear, anxiety or doubt.
Airlines buffeted by revenue gains, higher fuel costs.
It's buffeted by fluctuating fuel prices, high labor costs and the whims of the traveling public.
Unemployment, interest rates, stress-they're all on the rise as the economy is buffeted by a downturn.
US airlines have been buffeted by the softening economy and volatile fuel costs.
As always with commissions, this one was constantly buffeted by external events.
Government is buffeted by the competing demands for public information and the need to protect the confidentiality of information.

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One is not the same parent at forty-five that one was at twenty-five. Personalities and emotional rhythms are buff... more
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