buffers in a sentence

Example sentences for buffers

The situation could threaten the marine food chain and undercut one of the world's natural buffers to global warming.
They see themselves, alternately, as lifesaving buffers or double-sided punching bags.
The camera then runs continuously and buffers up to five hours of video.
Buffers overflow when a data string is written into memory without its length being checked by the program.
They're basically spatial buffers, protecting the city from its own geology.
Meanwhile loss of wetlands, stream buffers and floodplain storage capacity continues.
Humidity or water from the environment buffers those reactions, slowing their effects.
Naturally, as climate buffers, these layers have significant impact on temperate changes within a given time period.
Thus the colleges look for buffers and safeguards to give them some control.
Fairways have forest buffers between them, with several water hazards providing additional challenges.
Certainly, the economy would have thinner safety buffers.
They also were paid at the expense of rebuilding capital buffers.
Some unlisted firms may need to raise their buffers even further.
They can either have cheap loans and pay for bail-outs, or pricier loans and bigger buffers.
Spit has buffers that keep the mouth's pH slightly alkaline.
Cerebrospinal fluid is a clear, colorless liquid that buffers the brain and keeps it from banging against the inside of the skull.
Current computers in use require intelligent buffers and also be able to discriminate data by charging to past conformity.
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