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He also said that the noise barriers designed to help buffer the sounds of the race cars were inadequate.
Colleges are increasingly turning to students, staff, and faculty to buffer their losses.
In short, it's a buffer against uncertainty and volatility, and a sensible one at that.
But as with many things in this world, there's a catch to the ocean buffer.
The device picks up the high frequency echolocation calls of nearby bats and runs them through a buffer to make them audible.
Buffer overflows and race conditions are examples of the first kind of bug.
The dearth of stock helped stoke initial demand and buffer the stock price.
Higher social status seems to be a buffer against many sources of stress.
Then, it was about building a precautionary savings buffer.
Wetlands act as a natural buffer protecting such industrial systems from hurricanes and other storms.
The ice buffer maintains climatic conditions that support the biosphere.
Social relationships are a powerful buffer against stress.
Those with large exposures to troubled sovereign debt may have to hold an extra capital buffer.
The overdraft would afford deficit countries a credit buffer against the abrupt adjustments required under the gold standard.
Tech companies see huge opportunities in these radio-frequency buffer zones.
Normally, when a program's buffer is overrun with random data, the application would simply lock up or crash.
It wants a huge buffer fund set up, for use in a downturn.
The flap behind the zipper is down-filled, the better to buffer any cold wind that may get through.
And mangrove swamps, which buffer many a coastal zone around the world, flourish in brackish conditions.
Buffer lets you capture full songs even if you start recording late.
There is now a thin buffer of core equity between the taxpayer's preference shares and any further losses.
And parts of the new structures still have no buffer against erosion.
And sure, culture forms a buffer between genes and behavior but it does not disconnect them entirely.
It does this by running a five-hour buffer and storing it in-unit.
Yet he also ruled out intervening to create a buffer zone.
Coral reefs also protect mangroves by providing a buffer against big waves.
Unemployment benefits buffer the fall in aggregate demand from job losses, keeping the economy afloat.
Others share a vision of the buffer zone as a peace park, dedicated to biodiversity and ecotourism.
Streaming video can take some time to buffer as well.
But that buffer may not be available, for political or market-driven reasons.
We concluded that the parks are really in jeopardy by buffer zone villagers and poaching.
Money offers a buffer of sorts in an uncertain world.
Army troops and tanks take up positions here, creating a buffer zone between the two sides.
If there wasn't any need to keep up such an appearance, the buffer time wouldn't serve any meaningful purpose.
Another significant concern is the enforcement of buffer zones in the name of tsunami protection.
If so, this would provide a buffer to deflation in the rich world today, despite the presence of large gaps.
Instead, it was a marriage arranged by the great powers bent on creating a neutral buffer state.
Third, the five powers established buffer and neutral zones.
These reserves act as a buffer against losses before capital is eaten into.
But he enjoys the buffer a golf course provides against future development.
There is no buffer zone between the soldiers, as there usually is along a contested frontier.
It is more akin to a buffer region that shares traits of both unique and rich cultures.
If every block had a block wide green space buffer, maybe.
If those three characters are a word unto themselves, it puts that word into a word buffer.
There should be a buffer zone between the agenda-laden politicians and the true, knowledge-seeking scientists.
What makes this possible is the addition of buffer layers between the semiconductor layers.
The high growth rates of the past several years provide an additional buffer.
Everyone agrees on the destination: lots more pure equity, the highest-quality buffer against losses.
Efforts to boost the price through buffer stocks worked fairly well while mismatches between supply and demand were temporary.
She discovered that she liked having her husband act as a buffer between her and her doctors.
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