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There is financial mathematics to show how a real company operates or how your household budget should work.
Each event will vary in style and size according to the preference and budget of the publishers.
Travelers on a budget can still enjoy the Danish capital.
The federal budget has gone from surplus to deficit during the past decade.
My goal was to enjoy two days in Tokyo on a total budget of just $500.
The governor's budget plan follows a relatively good year for the universities, which received new state support in October.
The miniseries is slated for May 2001 with a potential budget of $50 million.
Keene's book offers tips on how to create a dream wedding on a tight budget.
It was just a little to pricey for my budget at the time.
Despite budget woes, the report shows many colleges are moving forward with plans for new technology in several areas.
We are not close to balancing the energy budget.
Here, the biggest restriction is going to be your budget.
If you can buy these foods organic and still stay within your budget, great.
Don't have to worry about parking or traffic and a consistent travel time to budget for.
To balance the budget, the city must make some difficult choices.
That's pretty representative aid budget off the table.
Given the size of the slump, a temporary increase in the budget deficit is justifiable.
Critics mocked the chaotic launch of that scheme, and feared its huge cost would end up wrecking the budget.
Likewise the rather dull budget speech the next day.
The collective budget is yet to be determined, the agencies say.
So officials looking to do some belt tightening should think twice about cutting parks to cut the budget fat.
And one third to one half the total budget is spent preventing or recovering from crashes.
With the economy still in the dumps, sticking to a budget is key.
To bad they won't be able to do it now and start us back to economic recovery, balance the budget and make millions of jobs.
As far as the budget deficit is concerned, that's good news.
Most local businesses don't have the budget to pay an advertising agency to design ads for them, he explains.
They do have a proven track record of spending it wisely and staying within budget.
Give a scientist some loose budget and free time and he'll tear down your paradigm.
He looks at the energy budget of interstellar missions.
Swap in and out batteries to fit my riding needs and budget, swap in and out sprockets.
Maintaining the physical plant is the second highest budget item.
When a low-budget found-footage film manages to capture the public's imagination, the rewards are enormous.
In reality, of course, marketing is presumed to increase total revenue by more than is spent on the marketing budget.
State budget crisis after city budget crisis has taken its toll.
They cannot stem the budget shortfalls that are turning their districts into third-world wards.
Don't expect high-end processors in budget machines.
Likewise, public colleges will protest if they feel they're being punished for raising tuition in the face of state budget cuts.
Indeed, it is time for all colleges and universities to consider whether or not such a thing as a sustainable budget is possible.
Even if your monthly budget is great, unless you allow for these miscellaneous expenses, you're not really budgeting.
Thus, more and more of your annual budget will go for fixed costs.
The service allows budget to be set, and alarms can be set for when the bill is exceeding the given target range.
Some critics say there's only so much room for the budget carriers to grow.
Newt, who started out as a moderate, may shed another skin when the pain of the budget revolution kicks in.
However, under today's budget constraints, dining out at fine restaurants might not be on the menu.
Voters are far more concerned about the stalled economy or soaring budget deficits than they are about health care reform.

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