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All are valid arguments for supporting budding industries in developing countries.
The coconut bread budding is a sweet, dense dessert.
The budding scientist learned that animal biology required too much killing for his taste.
Han is merely exhibiting the insight of a budding paleontologist.
These budding babies suggest companionship with all sorts of seasonal dishes.
In that moment, one budding political career leapt forward while another was damaged, perhaps fatally.
Klamath also has a budding singletrack network for mountain bikers and hikers.
Its down is grey, its feet fleshy and pink, and its budding flippers are soft as felt.
But the budding entrepreneurs wondered what they would do if the police turned up.
Back-of-the-book activities offer hands-on fun for budding astronomers.
Overall, though, it is a fascinating read and a must-have for botanists and budding mystery writers.
Reason is far from the only option for a budding bedroom studio whiz.
But a budding entrepreneur with no family or political connections might as well give up.
Driving into the blossoming pale-green hills, she found the budding fruitless trees difficult to identify.
You've weathered well, have had a great career and inspired countless budding writers and students to put pen to paper.
But some new urbanists and a small coterie of architects formed a budding movement to think smaller.
Some are budding musicians, others enjoy martial arts.
Demand for such computational power is expected to grow rapidly as the budding field of bioinformatics takes off.
But companies often want to teach their budding leaders themselves.
The winners also include several budding photojournalists, whose works show a keen sense of space, time and use of light.
It's the latest installment in a soap opera that threatens to overshadow the budding sport.
Presumably economic incentives work on budding and established novelists as on anyone else.
Talk to any budding entrepreneur and you soon discover, too, that local cultures matter.
And digital video seems to have made the whole process of filmmaking easier for budding auteurs.
Especially since this book is likely to foster the curiosity of budding scientists, this is a drawback.
Through the budding trees they spied a flood of cars and people, all pushing their way westward out of the city.
Moment of green shoots and budding flowers, promising peace and plenitude.
So any budding geologists out there, don't worry, geology jobs may not be in danger.
Snap-together construction and detailed diagrams make them suitable for both budding engineers and the technologically challenged.
Comparing budding technologies to fully developed ones is unfair, and above all misleading.
Budding artists can put their energies into communicating ideas rather than learning to control the technology.
It wants strict controls on the budding field of nanotechnology.
Their budding attraction to a pair of cute boys is threatened when they get mixed up with bad guys who are stealing antiques.
It must stand ready to quickly raise it to suppress any budding inflation.
Fair seasons, budding sprays, sweet-smelling flowers.
Events have since evolved into a budding insurrection.
Sometimes common interests are the key to a budding relationship.
Budding beach volleyball stars will soon be able to play the sport in college.
There are many words of encouragement and advice that you can give to a budding entrepreneur.
Postcollege internships have become the short-term fix, but they require sacrifices from budding adults.
For a generation of budding cinephiles, that settled it.

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Returned this day, the south wind searches, And finds young pines and budding birches; But finds not the more
The aging process is a part of most of our lives, and it remains one we try to ignore until it seems to pounce upon us. ... more
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