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Galilee has often been depicted as rural, bucolic hinterland, characterized by natural beauty and simplicity of life.
The war interrupted his bucolic plans, but only briefly.
Its unique architecture, winding streets and bucolic setting make it a great getaway.
This year's October festival was a jolly, bucolic spectacle.
It's true that I had a bucolic, truly peaceful childhood, growing up in a house next to our family's orchard.
Things have moved with truly bucolic deliberation.
Apple orchards nearby add to the bucolic charm.
During the bucolic episodes in the middle of this first movement, the music emerged here hushed, tender yet tense.
The near bucolic setting hides a raft of jealousies and passions that quietly build and seethe until the inevitable crest.
The mood is ominous from the start, its sense of foreboding nicely contrasted with the bucolic English countryside.
Summer turns to winter in this rhyming counting book, whose bucolic illustrations have a pleasingly old-fashioned look and feel.
The conditions are no longer bucolic, if they ever were.
The clop of their hooves sounds oddly bucolic against the throaty thrum of helicopters overhead.
Then they learned their bucolic dirt road wouldn't count as part of the set-aside land.
We were sitting in a bucolic place: a narrow, swiftly moving stream nearby gave a gentle burble while birds tweeted above us.
Not all river ecosystems appear as bucolic as this sunrise scene.
But even as they were building, the bucolic view was being replaced by an industrial panorama.
The bucolic area is home to farms and two-lane roads, but small cities provide sophisticated entertainment.
The city's bay-side paths, bucolic parks, vibrant neighborhoods are inherently romantic.
The property is made up of bucolic pastures and dense forests where local fauna such as deer and elk can be seen.
Lovely as it is, behind the bucolic setting lurks tragedy.
It remains as a fishing pier, standing in bucolic relief next to the modern bridge.
Now those bucolic days are gone and our city is growing, and how it grows depends on us.
The inherent cool breezes and bucolic setting were attractive selling points.
Centerville has grown from a bucolic pioneer town to a bustling bedroom community that takes pride in its heritage.
The new location had a garden where families and military groups could have their photographs taken in a bucolic setting.
Today the property retains its bucolic sense with the small herd of cattle still grazing near the house.
One image is of a bucolic countryside where crime is rare.
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