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Example sentences for buckwheat

Wild buckwheat, the white-flowered shrub in the top photo is also central to this plant community.
Local farmers found the cranes nearly starved and began to feed them corn and buckwheat.
The buckwheat pancake meals come with unlimited pancakes and pure maple syrup and feature eggs and breakfast meats.
The restaurant also serves homemade pizza with buckwheat-herb crusts and fresh toppings.
Organic buttermilk and buckwheat pancakes or granola waffles are all you need to spoil yourself and your breakfast companion.
The buckwheat noodles, rolled and cut by hand, are made fresh a few times a day.
What distinguishes it from those that are best known is its predominant grain, buckwheat.
Soba is a kind of thin noodle made of buckwheat flour, served hot or cold.
Buckwheat production starts in the greenhouse by planting seeds for transplants.

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