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But once children or long work hours enter the picture, even proud shoppers buckle.
The pilot tells us to buckle up, folks, we're coming in for a landing.
These were connected with serpentine-shaped wires that buckle and change shape as the balloon inflates, rather than fracturing.
In a collision a compressor inflates the bag by pushing air through the buckle and into the seat belt strap.
But in the end, the much-touted venture did not yield enough of the stuff for a single belt buckle.
The tip of the tie should barely touch the top of the belt buckle.
Basically it's a two-ended strap with a snap buckle in the middle and rings on the ends.
He returned his attention to his belt buckle, his forehead pale and damp.
Moreover, serious challenges to national decision-makers doesn't mean that governments are all poised to buckle under pressure.
Don't forget the fripperies, the buckle on the shoe, the initial on the napkin.
The dancers buckle under some sudden weight, then fly high with sudden freedom.
Matt's legs suddenly buckle under him and he crumples, paralyzed, to the ground.
Andy phones to tell her he's won a silver belt buckle and three thousand dollars.
When currency values buckle, a third chimera of wealth will fade as inflation causes monetary spending power to decline.
The stability pact that in theory limits budget deficits may buckle.
Although a dip is likely once the tax goes up, the economy looks unlikely to buckle.
In cavernous trading rooms, desks buckle and groan under the weight of computer terminals.
The bulwark against populism could buckle if there is yet another round of brinkmanship and bargaining.
Their policy has been to seek conscientious graduates who were willing to buckle down and obediently follow orders.
If they raise short-term rates too far, too fast, debt-laden consumers will buckle.
Nine-year-old boys patrol the crawling traffic, cautioning drivers to buckle their seatbelts.
Suddenly he stumbles, his knees buckle, he pitches to his right and begins to fall.
The music creates a street party where couples dance belt-buckle to belt-buckle to a rhythm that they recognize as their own.
New daypack designed as an inverted messenger bag, with spacious compartments and buckle closures.
Apply craft glue to the back of a button or charm and place on the ribbon for a buckle.
If you need to hike for a while, you can buckle the waist belt strap to help stabilize the bag on rugged trails.
When the craft begins to descend, they will buckle up as gravity returns in full.
No wind coming in your back when you buckle your bindings and no snow in your pants in the deep powder.
Thousands of times you will buckle and unbuckle, and probably for nothing.
It has an adjustable leather strap with a slide buckle in back.
The energy you add to a sheet as you crumple it, they have found, causes it to buckle along a series of sharp ridges.
To crush the ball further, each ridge has to buckle in two.
If it did, the surface would buckle under the pressure and create these scarps.
The world can't, and won't, continue to buckle under the weight of our idiocy for but so much longer.
Pull the elastic buckle strap down through its cloth housing to make a small loop at the bottom.
We buckle up to be safe and find it ridiculous not to do so.
The belt contains a bag inside its webbing, which is fired on impact by a gas-canister down by the buckle.
When the stock market lurches and online traders go berserk, brokerage sites can hardly afford to buckle.
It also could give gentle reminders to buckle up, watch our speed or slow down for that school bus up ahead.
Close the box or bag securely and attach it to the luggage rack using cam-buckle straps.
The sufferer would rather travel by car, boat or bus rather than get on a plane and buckle up for takeoff.
Manufacturers' supply chains were the next to buckle.

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