bubble wrap in a sentence

Example sentences for bubble wrap

But delivering a spacecraft requires more than bubble wrap and packing tape.
We taped bubble wrap around the back half of their hives, hoping that it would help cut the wind and provide a little insulation.
Miller's forensics team, swaddled in cloth and bubble wrap, are loaded into a truck.
He redistributed them equally among the five boxes, laying the canisters horizontally end to end, and packing bubble wrap on top.
Visit your local surf shop and get plastic bags and bubble wrap from boards that were shipped in by suppliers.
Wrap the car seat in bubble wrap to provide padding.
Pack an extra duffel bag and a few sheets of bubble wrap for souvenirs.
The skin sheaths your bottle in plastic with an interior bubble wrap, so you can pack it in your suitcase without fear.
Place a layer of bubble wrap between each layer of cookies as well.
Secure your storm shutters after first padding them with a sheet of polyethylene foam or bubble wrap to prevent shock damage.
Place protected filter and/or tubes in double plastic bags and wrap with bubble wrap.
Safely pack the bottle in bubble wrap and include a temperature blank in the cooler.
The laboratory usually will return with the cooler reusable packing materials such as mesh bags, foam sleeves, and bubble wrap.
Reuse packaging materials, such as peanuts, bubble wrap and shredded newspaper.
Some locations also may accept bubble wrap and sheets of packing foam.
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