bubble bath in a sentence

Example sentences for bubble bath

Children's toys, plastic-encased gadgets, box sets and bubble bath.
Rather, a single artist's market may be hot and inflatable, but the overall effect is of a bubble bath.
When it's time to relax in a bubble bath, they are certain to soften and soothe you in all the right places.
Light candles, sprinkle rose petals in the tub and take a hot bubble bath together.
The luxury sector has taken a bubble bath this year, worse than predicted.
Some rooms have specially-equipped bathtubs with a bubble bath function.
Within this cozy retreat is a champagne bubble bath designed for your ultimate romance and relaxation experience.
Other luxurious bathroom features include underfloor heating, bathrobes, bubble bath and candles.
It makes us reach for aspirin, alcohol or bubble bath.
Bubble bath soap poisoning occurs when someone swallows bubble bath soap.
And admit it, you kind of enjoy sinking into a bubble bath of bile now and then.
With scenes of him taking a bubble bath and undergoing a cardiac examination, the film casually infuses a keen sense of mortality.
He takes a bubble bath and drops his cigar in the tub.
Soft soothing music, candles and a warm bubble bath is totally relaxing.
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