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Rock the rose back and forth to settle it in and to allow air pockets to bubble up through the mud.
Not only is my label slightly askew, it has a crease and a bubble in it.
He unscrews the cap and lets a few drops leak onto the stone, where they fizz and bubble.
She smiled, and a playful bubble drifted between us.
Muddy water rippled, and a bubble bigger than a coffee table rose to the surface.
Keep the bowl at room temperature until the mixture has started to bubble.
It is physically impossible for bubble curls to survive the stress of a flying cap.
It was sufficiently calm in the bubble of air on the top of the wing so that people could talk to each other.
Bubble bath soap poisoning occurs when someone swallows bubble bath soap.
But some people believe there's an education bubble being inflated.
But in the wake of the housing bubble, these arguments nonetheless seem ludicrous.
The bursting of our collective bubble comes quickly.
It is now commonplace for students to evaluate their professors, usually by filling out bubble sheets late in the term.
Some people have been talking about a bubble in higher education.
The bubble will burst--but the students will end up paying because of no bankruptcy protection.
When you turn this feature on, you will get a small bubble in the lower, left-hand corner of the screen.
The rating agencies' role in inflating the bubble is well known.
Within the higher ed bubble there is a student loan and a research funding bubble.
Unable to construct a self-narrative, they may live comfortably in their bubble but have problems overcoming new challenges.
But plenty of students are right on the bubble, where a little nudge might bring them out of academic risk.
Sometimes, those frustrations can bubble to the surface and they erupt on social networking sites.
Newspapers emerged from the dot-com bubble relatively unscathed and probably felt pretty good about their future.
If the higher-education bubble bursts, the for-profit sector is in a much better position to survive the damage.
Its crystalline structure formed inside a bubble of volcanic gas as igneous rock cooled.
The system travels within a bubble of solar wind-made of charged particles from the sun-called the heliosphere.
He compared the heating inside the bubble at the time of collapse to that of a bicycle pump when it's being used to pump a tire.
Here, divers can escape the cold water and sit in a trapped bubble of air.
Bubble logic promises better control of microscopic.
The bigger the bubble, the more energy in the implosion, and the hotter and brighter the sonoluminescent flash.
Outside the bubble, spacetime is also flat and no particle can travel faster than light--relative to observers outside the bubble.
If you take an x-ray of the joint after cracking, you can see a gas bubble inside the joint.
Virtual safety bubble erected around future cars by smart sensor systems will fend off accidents.
Presumably the temperature at the time of pricking would be about the same as the time of the bubble formation.
There was another experiment in which people drank soda in a pressure chamber so that it did not bubble.
The head superheats ink so an exploding vapor bubble jettisons a droplet through a nozzle.
Your cynicism will probably keep you in your bubble of negativity which may be perfectly acceptable for you.
Petroleum gave us the population bubble, and petroleum will burst the bubble.
With a large unexplored area coming into the equation, it has to deflate the bubble considerably.
Wow, the right wing delusional alternate reality bubble is drifting further and further away from reality.
Some commentators are predicting that business education will be the next bubble to go pop.
Another area where a bubble might be developing is in gold.
They provided a glut of cheap, easy capital which fed the housing bubble.
Prominent investors are calling the bond market a bubble.
The parcel will cool as it rises, depending on the amount of water vapor in the bubble.
Cook oil and basil in a small heavy saucepan over medium-high heat until oil begins to bubble.
Let it bubble for a bit and cover it, leaving a crack for steam to escape.
Financial market participants created a financial bubble of tragic proportions in pursuit of personal gain.
But it also changes the bubble dynamics significantly.
And until around three years ago, the online ad market was still struggling to reach its pre-bubble highs.
Electricity causes the water molecules to split into hydrogen and oxygen gases, which bubble out of the solution.
Hence id say the tube is better than the bubble that focuses more easily.
Adding a small jolt of energy to the system causes hydrogen gas to bubble up to the surface.
However there's a possibility the oxygen taken out of the water by that much will create a bubble of hydrogen gas.
The article briefly mentions subatomic particles as a seed for cloud formation in an unrelated way for bubble chambers.
During this process, they are sheltered within a protective lipid bubble.
His tax cuts were irresponsible and callously regressive, but they didn't play a significant role in the housing bubble.
Five years after the bursting of the housing bubble, the country is still living through tough times.
And that made the bursting of the housing bubble especially damaging.
Many yakuza became rich during the bubble economy of the eighties and nineties, and they developed extensive corporate structures.
We all have a personal bubble, an invisible zone of privacy around our bodies.
Stranger still, every eruption of inflation would create a new bubble of space and energy.
Still another suction-toed species has a tear-shaped bubble on the end of a long tail, which gives it buoyancy.
The bubble's curved nature means that the air inside it is at a higher pressure than air outside it.
Consider what happens if you push an inverted cup into a full bathtub: you trap a bubble of air inside.
No one had actually looked medically at what happened to traders when they were caught up in a bubble.
As the bubble rises to the surface, it becomes larger and smaller several times per second.
When the tech bubble crashed, applications went right back up again.
Newspapers emerged from the dot-com bubble relatively unscathed and probably felt pretty good about their future.
In a previous study, the team showed that she has no personal bubble.
If eternal inflation happened, there should have been bubble collisions.
The magnetic field deflected the particles, creating a small bubble of safety.
Vesuvian, they bubble and smoke in a magma of astringent garlic butter and parsley.
Everyone who's anyone is getting into the private-equity bubble-even journalists and rock stars.
Astronomical returns, negligible risk, gold-plated cachet-only a loser would sit out the private-equity bubble.
When it's time to relax in a bubble bath, they are certain to soften and soothe you in all the right places.
Conventional wisdom is that tiny pits and gouges in the wall of a champagne flute serve as bubble-formation sites.
Housing got way too hot a few years ago, and when the bubble burst it took down the whole economy.
As the housing bubble inflated, the math increasingly favored renting.
But last spring, when the dotcom bubble burst, everything changed.
Private-equity firms used the same cheap credit that caused the housing bubble to buy companies.
Instead, they became hooked on credit and the ability to extract purchasing power from the housing bubble.

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