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Be brutally honest about the challenges, but don't paint a situation as hopeless-and never overpromise.
My advisor respected me enough to let me go and do my thing, but also to be brutally honest when needed.
Better, in their view, to allow viable babies to be brutally destroyed than to entertain any discussion about the procedure.
Be warned it is still the desert so it gets brutally hot in the summer and is always dusty.
While the summer days are hot and humid, the nights are brutally cold and sometimes wet.
Edgy narrative and brutally realistic scenes target today's readers and viewers.
It is brutally violent, weirdly funny and unexpectedly humane.
The breathing-space is important as the quarterly system can be brutally unforgiving.
But regulators must be brutally honest about what these reforms will achieve.
In fact, brutally sacked staff may do more damage than those let go kindly.
Violence is increasing in the country as the government takes on the illegal drug cartels, prompting them to retaliate brutally.
Societies can be brutally theocratic in either or both of two senses.
The profit margins on the latter are bigger, but so are the risks, as the credit crisis has so brutally illustrated.
If the legal question is brutally simple, the politics is not.
One way or another, the welfare bill must be brutally slashed.
The rest of the world had changed, often brutally and violently.
She can't be mistaken about this superiority imposing itself so brutally.
Usually that involved brutally restructuring or selling off pieces of the company.
It brutally kept out dissenters, that is people with real solid arguments.
The video shows two bare-knuckle brawlers brutally punching each other until one slumps, beaten, to the ground.
But that freedom can be lethal for an actor who doesn't have a terrific range or a brutally honest director.
Usually they were short-lived, brutally suppressed affairs.
The purpose of all that focused power is brutally obvious: to break bones and rupture tissue.
The honeyguides quickly mauled their foster siblings, shaking brutally and striking haphazardly for a few minutes.
Brutally scathing report says polio eradication isn't going to happen any time soon.
Intricate and brutally sinister plot with true anti-heroism.
One night she even watched as her best friend was brutally murdered.
Shockingly error-prone and brutally expensive, our federally funded system of dialysis care is failing.
If they don't, then usually an editor or someone with the remote control brutally reduces them to short-form stories.
The stimulus mitigated the effects of the recession, but unemployment remains brutally high.
Brutally honest information about college costs and benefits might make some students choose not to go to college.
But he also manages this land on a brutally thin margin.
By all accounts, the exercise was brutally emotional for all concerned.
No matter how many times they brutally knocked her down.
As with other insurgencies, the smaller and more resoundingly defeated the rebels are, the more brutally they fight.
History will judge him brutally for what he has done to damage world peace.
The clients are usually guilty of heinous murders, and almost always come from brutally depressed and violent backgrounds.
Thousands have been arrested and brutally tortured and many were cowardly murdered.
The brutal honesty of these cases demands a brutally honest response.
Fear of the police is everywhere and political prisoners are treated brutally.
Rampant police corruption has let the drug cartels operate more freely and brutally.
His approach to this material is brutally horrific, vulgarly unamusing.
Most, if not all, are said to have died brutally at the hands of the police.
Opposition parties are banned, and rallies are brutally broken up by the police.
If it follows the pattern of the rest of the sector, prices will correct downward quickly and brutally.
Having brutally slashed costs, staff and service over the past decade, the big airlines still lose money.
Thousands died along the way, while some were killed brutally.
The deceased had been brutally beaten about the face and body.
He was abducted, driven to a neighboring county, and brutally murdered.
Two days later, she was found dead and brutally beaten in nearby cornfield.

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