brushy in a sentence

Example sentences for brushy

That's because goats prefer and thrive on coarse, brushy vegetation cattle won't eat.
The fourth drive began, the big one, with hundreds of beaters moving down brushy hillsides toward a valley.
And sometimes they burn where the tan oak trees are lest it be brushy when they pick up the acorns.
Snowshoe hares are forest-dwellers that prefer the thick cover of brushy undergrowth.
Brushy draws, wood lots or fence rows located on one side of the field are less desirable for quail.
Rabbit populations require dense, brushy habitat to thrive.
Cottontails prefer open brushy or forest-border cover.
Spotted skunks inhabit open prairies, brushy areas and cultivated land.
Common throughout state along streams, open woods, cut-over and brushy areas.
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