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Example sentences for brushwork

As drugs took control of her hands, the surface of her paintings became rough, her brushwork agitated.
And whether in his feeling for the linear in itself, or for color or brushwork, he is a maestro.
The brushwork is never virtuosic for virtuosity's sake, by the way.
The color is muddy, the brushwork scratchily dutiful, the images static and postcard-ish.
The brushwork in sketchy strokes gives it a modernist touch that is now highly appreciated.
The colors are pale, and the brushwork lacks the swirl that can render the pictures of that year irresistible.
She has captured fleeting moments of light and feeling through luminous and powerful colors and expressive brushwork.
Their characteristic broken or flickering brushwork was particularly effective in capturing the fleeting quality of light.
His spontaneous brushwork, rather than the subject, becomes the focus of the painting.
Her brushwork is open and sketchy, and she favors a strong compositional structure over pictorial detail.
Their relatively loose, open brushwork underscored their freedom from the meticulously detailed academic manner.
Brushwork is prominent in the sky, and stippling was employed in the foliage and lawn.
Effortless and spontaneous brushwork lend the kind of vibrant naturalism that suggests a real place.
His rough surfaces have been compared to impressionist brushwork.
His rich colors, energetic brushwork, and lively compositions epitomize the exuberance of baroque art.
He won both admiration for his fluid brushwork and criticism for the dashed, unfinished look of his canvases.
The sketches are powerful works in their own right and are widely admired today for their immediacy and vigorous brushwork.
His bravura brushwork and innovative focus on light and color both dazzled and bewildered his contemporaries.
Spatial recession is forcibly denied by brushwork that is unmodulated and equally vigorous all over the surface of the canvas.
The mastery of the medium is evident in bold yet sensitive brushwork, color, and mood.
Her colors became brighter and her brushwork loosened radically-reduced to delicate, quick flicks.
Though some of the brushwork appears hasty, the methodology and outcomes are formulaic in nature.
The painting is executed with fine, small diameter brushwork.
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