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BP bears the brunt of the report's stinging criticism, but not all of it.
How interesting that the staff must always be take the brunt of criticism.
Now relatively unskilled youngsters are bearing the brunt of the recession.
In my state, the universities always bear the brunt of an economic crisis.
As usual, civilians are bearing the brunt of the misery.
The governor will bear the brunt of the political fallout.
And it is the public sector that will bear the brunt of the coming crunch.
Food is disappearing from shelves and farmers are bearing the brunt.
Quite the opposite: let the financial bear the brunt of the storm.
Singaporeans do not bear the brunt of the economic downturn.
Ordinary people bear the brunt and start to ask themselves why they supported the regime in the first place.
Hopefully automation can bear the brunt of productivity.
But there is ample evidence indicating that the oceans are bearing the brunt of these changes.
Cities are likely to feel the brunt of the growth as humans continue their migration from rural areas to urban.
Even those who bore the brunt of his scorn admired him for his style.
Since sound enters the cochlea at its base, the high-frequency hair cells get the brunt of the incoming sound pressure.
The fight would rage on for hours, but the attackers bore the brunt of it now.
The players with afternoon tee times faced the brunt of a brutal wind in the second round, and the scores reflected it.
However, the brunt of the recession will be borne by the hotels' owners rather than the chains that manage and franchise them.
No cultural manners and/or mannerisms should be made the brunt of ridicule.
Reinsurers, the big firms that provide a safety net in major disasters, will take the brunt of the burden.

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