bruising in a sentence

Example sentences for bruising

It's a question that's inspired a surprisingly bruising debate.
It is a bruising business, and only the highly articulate need apply.
Trails are rutted and mud-slick, swallowing boots and bruising the ankles of a first-time visitor.
Patients can also suffer from easy bleeding and bruising, and deterioration of bones, leading to frequent fractures.
The expulsions are the result of the party's bruising transit from opposition to power.
The commission is looking at ways to reinterpret the stability pact in light of the bruising experiences of the past few years.
Nonetheless, he maintained his bruising schedule of public appearances and behind-the-scenes management.
Media have become the message in a bruising political year.
Millions of people nationwide have been out of work six months or longer during this bruising recession.
Stainless steel blades peel tender foods without bruising delicate flesh.
It was the governor's own imperial mien, after all, that will make this fall from grace particularly bruising.
The power-ball approach has been neutralized by cold fronts and bruising wind gusts.

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Prepare to meet (sisters, brothers) the brash and terrible weather; the pains; the bruising; the collapse o... more
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