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Recently, on a discipline-specific listserv, tempers flared and egos were bruised.
There, he shook hands with the crew and underwent a physical exam, which determined that he had only suffered a bruised nose.
The sheer velocity of his career has created aftershocks, and those who stood too close have sometimes been bruised.
The strains among the principals, already battered and bruised, continued into postproduction.
But the episode has no doubt bruised pride at a company used to receiving acclaim in the press and online.
Eventually, some whose confidence has been bruised by recession decide not to buy in at all.
As a result, bruised bodies are par for the course before a neophyte gets to grips with the basic technique.
Harmless flirtations could improve your spirits and soothe your bruised ego.
Writers are sensitive souls--generally intelligent and hardworking but easily bruised.
Police found their badly bruised bodies on the floors of their apartments.
Since then, bruised investors have been demanding amends.
Then some way downstream, a string of four burst into a bruised sky that was looking angrier by the moment.
Try to rest the bruised body part by not overworking your muscles in that area.
Mullens has a bruised left hand and this corroborates an earlier report that he'd be coming off the bench.
He suffered a bruised shooting hand in the loss, but was able to play through it.
The other's face is bruised, the jaw apparently broken, and his leg has long gashes.
Flesh is firm with good sweetness and does not brown readily on bruised or cut surfaces.
Picking cotton only offered hardship, strenuous work, bruised hands and sometimes missed schooling.
Two children suffered scratches to the head, one had a bruised arm, and another had a scratched arm.
Other injuries include bruised ribs and a sprained ankle.
Sometimes the spinal cord is only bruised or swollen after the initial injury.

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