brown bread in a sentence

Example sentences for brown bread

The ordinary human being would sooner starve than live on brown bread and raw carrots.
Paired with hearty brown bread, this cheese makes an excellent snack.
Fill up at breakfast provided at your lodging and consider simple yet filling starters such as soup with brown bread for lunch.
Or the hot dog and baked beans, the brown bread and cut-up spaghetti with tomato sauce that our group shared.
All meals start with a plate of homemade coarse brown bread still warm from the oven being brought to your table.
Its seeds were ground into a meal that made excellent brown bread.
Beyond brown bread and oatmeal cookies: new directions for historic kitchens.
Be sure to read the labels because not all brown bread is whole wheat.
Mix well and spread between alternate slices of white and brown bread that have been lightly buttered.

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I had rather munch a crust of brown bread and an onion in a corner, without any more ado or ceremony, than ... more
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