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But that isn't to say that low-brow stuff is easier to render.
They are often motivated by forms of low-brow nationalism, but it's wrong to caste them off as simple provincialism.
Neither is compensation determined by the sweat of one's brow.
Another possibility is that the high brow and pointy chin dramatically distinguish our faces from those of other mammals.
Jenny, a green trolley car with a human face, had a furrowed brow when her wheel buckled and she got stuck on a track.
Don't be fooled by the creased brow and sagging jowls on the geezer gingerly ambling into the room.
It is about the size of a coconut, with a slight snout and a thick brow visoring its stony sockets.
No need for all the high brow long terminology baffle science too.
Strategy in mind, brow knit, he moused his moves in a blur.
Their friends may give them strange looks, so teach them to clench their fists and furrow their brow to sell it.
He blinks constantly and has a habit of furrowing his brow.
They had a really good eye for that kind of low-brow entertainment online.
Her face is long and tranquil, with dark eyes shaded beneath the protrusive brow.
Foam brow pads soak up sweat, while drainage channels let out whatever moisture makes it through.
These beads of sweat on my brow are actually maple-flavored.
Fletcher takes off a dark blue baseball cap and wipes his brow.
And while he kissed her brow ever so fondly, he stuck her with the knife thirty-four times.
The archaeologist lowered his head and wiped his brow as he pondered, silent for so long that he seemed to be meditating.
He rolled down his window to let in the city's stale night air, to dry the sweat that was popping out on his brow.
The curse of the lawyer, the search for precedent, is written on the brow of pedagogy.
Her hair was silver, her brow deeply creased, and she had only half her teeth.
It's the way the picture has been cut that has made this one concept misogynistic and low brow.
Most are middle-brow, some are high-brow, a few are practically inscrutable.
His head, with its great bald crown and wide brow, was huge.
True, the cartoons in question are low-brow and intentionally provocative, not the expression of any subtle argumentation.
They are afraid of the truth, although the sweat on their brow sings otherwise.
She actually noticed that her brow was furrowed before she understood why.
He is unusually tall for a pianist, with a high brow and a loping stride.
Her eyes are wide, and her brow is often furrowed in concern.
His dark eyes and heavy brow now seem right for obsession.
If you're betting, the group leans toward the middle-brow.
Booker controversy tends to be reducible to a straightforward dispute over the optimum height of the winning novel's brow.
If he claimed to be nervous, you couldn't see it on his brow.
Now her face glowed, rosy at the cheeks, smoky below the brow bone.
She doesn't read them until they've been posted, and then usually with a furrowed brow.
The low brow type has always despised intellectuals.
Nana smokes furiously while texting on her cell phone, her brow furrowed in concentration.
But it was a warm day and he forgetfully mopped his brow with the white handkerchief.
Her surgery included a nose job, brow lift and chin implant.
Perhaps the series' biggest balancing act is straddling high-brow and pop-culture labels.
Maybe he was still too immature, too easily angered, too likely to furrow his brow at the slightest provocation.

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