brouhaha in a sentence

Example sentences for brouhaha

How this brouhaha will affect competition is unclear.
After the initial brouhaha, things got pretty quiet again.
The emperor was too distracted to notice our brouhaha.
This brouhaha is incredibly silly.
Nevertheless, the impact of this brouhaha was probably to increase even further the interest in the Festival.
But as usual, the brouhaha is practically an invented one.
The brouhaha reflects a genuine quandary for the separatist movement.
Though it affected the firm's share price for a fortnight, the seaweed brouhaha did not affect sales, he says.
Even before the brouhaha he had started to step back from running the team.
But in any case such reforms, for all the political brouhaha surrounding them, will not be enough to solve the problem.
If it is disproved there will, after all the brouhaha, no doubt be a period of chagrin.
And a quiet retreat is always possible when the brouhaha has died down.
At the moment, despite the brouhaha they have created in some countries, genetically modified plants are primitive things.
All this brouhaha only displays the power of wishful thinking.
There was a big brouhaha a few years back about video cameras being able to see through clothing.
We were watching pretty carefully, especially red snapper because of the brouhaha about lesions.
But the point is, that this information is widely available and there was such a brouhaha raised that they had to take it down.
After all that brouhaha, the ethnic divisions were history by episode three.
Leno's been castigated for appearing unfeeling, disingenuous and even manipulative throughout the brouhaha.
Finally, there have been dozens of great clips spawned by this brouhaha.
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