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Example sentences for brought

Carroll got the job done and our football program brought a lot of money, recognition and support to our university.
Today, underwater excavations have brought us closer in the never ending search for Cleopatra.
This city and this country has brought forth many mayors.
The conference brought together two districts of the organization, mainly fundraisers from Southern states.
One student brought doughnuts for the whole school.
This baby has brought a lot of happiness into our home.
Those of us who had brought small gift items such as pens and crayons were asked to give them to the headmaster of a school.
Along the way, a supernatural element is introduced, revealing what brought the teens together—and why.
But for those brought up on a textbook definition of what a virus is, it is still a bit of a shock.
The generals have not, as might have been expected, brought in more civilian technocrats.
They have also known for a long time that those brought up in abusive environments often turn out to be abusive themselves.
Lower prices brought mobile phones within reach of the wealthiest people in the developing world.
Tourism has brought migrants from the mainland, too.
Now, however, politicians have brought the accounting regime directly into their line of fire.
Age has brought him home, and opened his eyes to the beauty of the place.
In the previous seven years, only one of the mergers that had been brought here had been opposed.
The expansion was brought on by the rapid growth of online learning.
She had brought only one suit, and she had to dash out to the mall to get a second outfit.
But it is rarely brought together in an accessible way in its own right.
The walls of these small vessels are incomplete so that the blood is brought into direct relationship with the liver cells.
Thou hast brought the distant near and made a brother of the stranger.
In the annals of science fiction, humans and non-avian dinosaurs have been brought together in a variety of ways.
Many of the features of the old city were brought to light by excavation, yet there is still more to be revealed.
Back in the day, the first-footer also brought coal for warmth.
Finishing the painting brought a sense of fatigue and let-down.
But someone brought several flasks of varying alcohols to the tables.
The earthquake brought further destruction to the country's limited infrastructure.
Each weekend brought fights, police visits and being a general annoyance to neighbors.
After several days, they replaced one of the objects and brought the mice back in.
The tactile pleasure the interface provides beyond its utility quickly brought it accolades.
But such whaling, paired with high seas expeditions, brought many whales to the brink of extinction.
And extreme events such as heat wave are part of the long-term trend in more frequent heat waves brought on by climate change.
There is a distinct difference between people brought up to be bilingual and people having learnt a second language later in life.
He brought an unprecedented realism and accuracy to astronomical art.
High-tech harvesting and wasteful management have brought world fish stocks to dangerous lows.
Arthritis and damaged nerves in her spine weakened her hind legs and brought her pain.
It was brought to the law firm by a client who says he did not know that it had been stolen.
There's no electricity, and no fresh water other than what they've brought with them.
Experts will be studying the hundred specimens brought back from the expedition to determine which species are new discoveries.
The quest for victory by updated armies brought a series of humiliating defeats.
The experiment failed completely, and would have brought on the reestablishment of despotism had it been pursued.
The train, evidently, has not brought prosperity to this place.
The moment this was brought to bear on the rebel lines by land and water, the fighting was at an end.
But take the extreme case, and suppose that the extra year brought no gain in productive skills.
The government would still be brought down by losing a confidence motion on a simple majority.
Once vaporized, the peptide ions are brought into contact with helium, and each molecule breaks up.
In some villages, they offered parents about two pounds of free lentils when they brought their children in for shots.
Then these plates are brought together and, through a combination of electromagnetic attraction and heat, fused together.
They'll try out recipes the students have brought from home and then settle down for dinner and conversation.
We built a rigorous drug validation program and brought new standards of quality to our field.
The question is how soon can these new technologies can be funded and brought to market.
If everyone brought a hybrid and not any other car, the price would eventually fall.
However,the rise in corn prices has brought the price of other grains up, such as wheat and soybeans.
Don't worry, though-one of my friends brought over his father for you to play with.
Several generations, even several centuries, had brought the city to this point.
After a while, he brought some drugs home, and she tried them.
Then he'd filled the mug again and brought it back to the bedroom.
It will soon be used in parts of the world where there are no meteorological data except those brought by the waves.
Encircled by small benches, the sculpture brought the intersection a certain calm.
He was a visionary who brought unprecedented technological and imaging advancements to the motion picture industry.
It was obvious that neither of them wanted to see the thing brought out for display.
There are few places aside from research libraries where rare books and e-books can be brought together.
The one that counts brought not only light to the universe, it created the seeds of life.
Weathers has brought together scientists from different disciplines to decipher this natural system.
They have no place or power in the household, and children are brought up by their mothers and by the mothers' brothers.
So people have indeed been brought back from these complex immune disorders with those drugs.
He brought so much into a room full of people when he walked into it.
This, of course, can't take into account changes to an ear brought about by trauma.
The quest to find the missing universe is one of the key efforts that has brought cosmologists and particle physicists together.
But the book brought the concept of bio-safety levels to far more advanced heights.
It's a group of soccer players that brought us together.
The fact that she bailed on her job as governor will be brought out of the bullpen the moment she announces any electoral run.
We were brought in to create the world that needed to be created for the film.
They brought me bitter news to hear, and bitter tears to shed.
Food brought from home can be kept safe if it is first handled and cooked safely.

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