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Example sentences for brothel

The brothel business model is more vulnerable than it looks.
The brothel is still operating, and the police have not arrested the main traffickers.
Two former city police officers convicted of running a brothel have been ordered to surrender to begin serving prison terms.
The naturalists delighted in description of vice and disease, the dramshop, the hospital and the brothel.
They call it a church, prosecutors call it a brothel.
She worries about the police because she runs a brothel.
He offered to fund a brothel on the same basis, and when that was rejected, he resigned.
Since the same thing could be said about a brothel, this didn't win over the residents, either.
In addition, there are four bars, four pool halls and possible plans for a brothel.
Those factors include using the premises for gaming, a brothel, or the sale of controlled substances.

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