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They even have a brood of adopted children, who are happy and well cared for.
This heroine and her brood prove once again that they can weather any storm.
Gathering seeds for the hungry brood.
Don't take the A train if you brood easily.
The new eggs soon hatch and caterpillars identical to the spring brood appear.
Nobody said that coping with a new brood of competitors was going to be easy.
Raising a large brood of children and stepchildren, Lange frequently had to put her own work aside to run the household.
She laments her desperate situation as she tends the brood, unwittingly stirring her feathered friends to action.
Mother is determined to bring her brood together for Christmas.
Don't take a bad work situation home and brood.
By mid-spring, her brood can number thousands of genetically identical descendants.
If there is a disturbance to the nest, rattle-ants pick up bunches of their brood and move them to safety.
For example, some plants have large, hollow thorns in which the ants keep their brood.
When a typical brood of one to three chicks hatches, both parents feed and care for them.
He tends to brood, and there's a mournful cast to his thinking.
Then for days he hovers over his glutinous brood, waiting for the first fingerlings to emerge, pouncing on any intruders.
The brood hatches in a week and, feeding on reserves in the queen's body, grows to maturity in a month.
What's more, although each may believe that the brood he rears is the brood he fathered, that's not necessarily the case.
Moreover, they welcomed any brood, no matter how large.
The car-sharing vehicles available near my home appear to be too small for my brood.
To capture the brood stock, the crew from the hatchery fish the river day and night.
There are many techniques for producing brood-rearing cover, but the easiest is to simply fallow, or idle a piece of cropland.

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