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Spending money you do not have does not make this a civilized country it makes you broke.
He was fabulously wealthy, but he would pretend to be broke, and often tried to borrow cigarettes and money from people.
And you don't go broke paying your money to some monger.
The university's governing board fired the president five days after the scandal broke.
In fact, the soldiers behaved decently when they broke into his house a few months later.
Two more fires broke out during later missions, though without casualties.
When he ran a current through it, the spring contracted and broke the circuit, so that the spring bounced up and down.
Later, as a supervisor, he kept things running when buses broke down and drivers called in sick.
The state almost everywhere is big, inefficient and broke.
Because of the sulfur acid, one camera broke down-the acid damaged all the copper contacts.
If one of them broke a string on his sandals, the other two would wait until the damage was repaired.
Then, as they moistened and broke down, they released their heat.
We think the leaning over to get the paper put strain on the hip and it broke.
Party discipline broke down in his absence and leaks started.
Basically, the student took that text and broke it up with nine citations and a few original phrases.
But the shuttle crew was not blown up, nor did they die when the shuttle broke apart.
As the cell structure itself broke down, crystals formed in those spaces as well.
Protests broke out last week, as students began the fall semester at the university's sunny, wind-swept new campus.
Nothing broke the silence except the buzzing of bees in the distance.
In order to stand up that claim, the authors first show how the global monetary system broke down.
All of them eventually reached a maximum size, broke apart, and were shoved aside by the next feature.
If a firm in the for-profit private sector tried to operate this way, they would be broke within a couple of years.
He broke his radius and ulna then cut through the remaining skin and tendons, freeing himself and saving his life.
He escaped by jumping out a second story window, but broke his ankle in the fall.
The computer broke the images into a number of so-called numerical descriptors.
People eat less fat, protein, cholesterol and total calories when they are broke.
Fighting between the two groups also broke out near the airport.
But since the news broke several weeks ago, it has prompted an onslaught of media attention.
Some students flinched as the loud ringing broke the quiet on the field.
The room, full of admissions and counseling professionals, broke out in laughter.
My father, meanwhile, loathed them-which meant fights always broke out over the buying and decorating of the family tree.
The unoccupied can occupy themselves for a while declaring that capitalism is broke.
Up until the scandal broke, there was even a flavor named for him at a local ice cream shop.
As news of the shooting broke, the campus shifted rapidly into lockdown mode.
For me it was the straw that broke the camel's back.
When the strings broke, they were replaced with brake cables from old bicycles.
His novel jet propulsion merely meant that he broke his neck, rather than his legs.
The scheme's former superintendent broke down as she gave evidence.
Firing their guns in the air, they broke into the house of the local chief, led him out into the open and beheaded him.
Talks among political leaders in pursuit of a consensus on how to quell the unrest swiftly broke down.
Turbines were run at full capacity until they broke, then were abandoned.
Its slow cooking provided another economy in that it broke down cheaper, tougher cuts of meat for tastier, less expensive meals.
As dawn broke, he noticed a faint light shining through a hole in the roof.
She broke it down for us, explained the regions, and her meticulous recipes are so reliable.
Another athlete broke into film in a similar manner.
One of their two cars broke down and they crowded into the other.
The lifeboat then broke free, crashing on top of the people struggling in the water below.
When he arrived, and found it smelling somewhat strong but largely intact, he broke down and wept.
The solar power system broke ground earlier this year and didn't run into any major hiccups.
The power grid would self destroy if communications broke down.
Then the system run out of control and caused hydrogen blast that broke the building and ignited the graphite causing a fire.
If it was snow above nothing and the snow broke, it would have been difficult for me to increase the power and get away.
When the resin engulfed the spider, blood oozed from the arachnid's legs, which broke at predetermined weak spots.
The explosives detonated as a gunfight broke out with security personnel.
If you're going broke, look for reasons to sue rich people.
The extreme weather took its toll on the expedition's heavily used equipment, and things frequently broke down.
The ethanol and bio fuel industries are going broke.
High-level commanders had them, but the system for moving them into the field broke down.
Everywhere, newspapers and magazines are going broke.
Suddenly my prisoner broke from me and flung himself on the wall.
The morning broke brilliantly clear and bitter cold.
It's as broke as the state that funds it, and many of its faculty and students are in open rebellion.
At various points, her campaign has been on the verge of going broke.
But sensing that someone was bending close to listen, she blushed and broke into giggles.
Recording broke down barriers between cultures, but it also placed more archaic musical forms in danger of extinction.
At first, she didn't want to get involved because she had once identified a criminal who then broke off his engagement to her.
He looked up from his seat, broke into a broad grin, then burst into tears.
The difference this time was that the drug broke the link between her factual memory and her emotional memory.
Incandescent rocks sizzled past his head, fractured his skull, broke his jaw and both legs and tore off his left ear.
In a footnote, she names the historian who broke the silence.
She broke off the engagement but, determined to escape, looked for someone more pliable.
And there have been hedge funds that have been using leverage excessively and some of those have gone broke.
At the meeting appeared the proverbial straw which broke the camel's back.
Predictably a fight broke out between the whites and the blacks.
He made an appointment with me on two different occasions and he broke both of them without explanation or apology.
The result was a new type of blog that not only commented on the news but also occasionally broke it.
Tortured and facing a firing squad, he never broke his oath of silence.
Plus he broke the bridge on his molars the first night out while chewing up one of the lollipops he'd brought along for energy.
The riders crowded to the starting line, waited for the signal, and broke into traffic in a pack.
Fifteen hundred people braved the steamy spring weather, and the store broke sales records.
At his request she somehow broke his neck with a rock.
After several of these back-and-forths, the couple broke up.
In truth, the company is going to be judged not on business results but on whether it broke the law.

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