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Example sentences for brochure

The exhibit, and the free brochure they give out with it, includes some wonderful surprises.
For years, high-school students who wanted information on a college could always grab a brochure from the counselor's office.
Note the wonderfully chosen example in the brochure of a cellphone in a rectal holster.
Try to find an actual travel brochure of the area and compare your brochure to the real one.
For a full list of activities, download this online brochure.
They will invite you to an orientation session, send a brochure or an e-mail describing their services, or announce an open house.
Explain that each group will research its term and create a brochure.
After all, a phone call is both cheaper and more personal than a glossy brochure.
Create a real travel brochure or a scrapbook of a place you have visited.
The special rates in this brochure apply only to such advertising.
Have students create an adventure travel brochure for an imaginary place.
We also tried without success to locate some local dishes mentioned in a brochure.
Check our all of our fall events with this interactive brochure.
Have students create a brochure highlighting their tour.
Have students create a brochure for their new public land.
Two minutes in the local store tells me more about a place than any travel brochure ever can.
Pick up a self-guided tour brochure from the hotel lobby.
Throngs of students were out that day, lounging in the kind of late-summer sunlight that keeps brochure photographers in business.
The camera moves around and towards the sculpture in the slow, wide-angled style of an estate agent's video brochure.
On his brochure were pictures of several candidates.
Slip a flower or leaf into the pages of a guide book or an extra brochure, and keep it in a place where it will be pressed flat.
In other words, to fulfill the promise of the brochure ads.
Pay the toll, pick up a brochure, then corkscrew your way up the mountain.
The brochure can be downloaded from the bureau website or requested by mail.
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