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She'd pull out that anecdote any time one of us kids balked at our broccoli.
It's a vitamin packed veggie related to broccoli that's easy to cook and quite tasty.
Fragrant flowers in late summer resemble scarlet heads of broccoli.
Wash the broccoli and cut off about one inch from stem end.
Pointing out that a dinner partner has broccoli in her teeth is not the same thing as pointing and laughing.
Have some raw broccoli in your salad at lunch, have some steamed broccoli as part of your dinner.
The never-ending broccoli below us, smooth as a green ocean.
Yes, broccoli is as good for you as it's chopped up to be.
Using a paring knife, cut off and discard tough bottoms of broccoli stalks.
Try mild alfalfa and clover, more robust broccoli, and spicy radish and onion.
Set out broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower seedlings.
It's even good simply served with rice and steamed broccoli.
He made chicken cacciatore, roasted potatoes, and broccoli rabe.
There's scrapple in my freezer case, broccoli rabe in my produce aisle.
Steam the broccoli crown for four minutes, then remove from the heat.
Steam the broccoli flowers and stems until tender, about five minutes.
There's no bait-and-switch here, no broccoli hidden in a brownie.
Fiber and phytochemicals are a one-two punch that should be reason enough to eat your peas and broccoli.
Pour out some broccoli and chop a half cup for this recipe.
Broccoli appears to be in demand because it is so nutritious.
Greens from the cabbage family, which include broccoli.
The greenest of green drinks on our list: spinach, spirulina, broccoli and parsley is masked by green apple and kiwi juice.

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F.R. Leavis's "eat up your broccoli" approach to fiction emphasises this junkfood/wholefood dichotomy. If r... more
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