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Even as good shone upon the countenance of the one, evil was written broadly and plainly on the face of the other.
Broadly speaking, it is whatever by imitative action rouses interest or gives pleasure.
Instead of being a record of events, they seem to speak more broadly, about the nature of things in a more timeless way.
It should come as no surprise that he is not a household name, even if the issues he addresses resonate broadly.
We are broadly taught to respect the innovator, to trust that he or she is doing something important.
Broadly speaking, the resets were related to power glitches in the spacecraft's command and data-handling subsystem.
Broadly, if you invest time in gardening, then you tend to stay put year after year.
We get things broadly right, but are easily confused by similar situations and faces.
The whole point is to start people thinking more broadly about what kind of technologies are applicable.
That's a brave step forward but one that he has little choice over, if his ideas are to be broadly accepted.
E-mail is now so pervasive, and so broadly spread around the world, that any attempted implementation would be stillborn.
They have a well-established readership and are broadly popular with both adults and children.
It is important to remember not to generalize too broadly.
Dehumanization, broadly construed, is not a problem necessarily.
We need to see it for what it is, and broadly acknowledge that it is part of us.
As your latest post demonstrates, one risk of going down that road is to apply the pejorative too broadly.
To put the matter more broadly, equalizing opportunity will not guarantee equal results.
Nor does the book regard even broadly defined fiscal projections as the bottom line.
His concert repertory, however, ranged more broadly.
His view that education should not be too specialized remains broadly persuasive.
Broadly speaking, the test results suggested that the banking industry was in better shape than many had feared.
Broadly speaking, the short-term deficits overwhelmingly come from lost revenue and mandatory fiscal support for the recession.
No one really understands how to measure it broadly.
And now, more broadly, there is a stronger economic case for keeping more criminals out of prison.
But more broadly, the worry about charity overhead has gotten completely out of hand.
My father's experiences were broadly shared throughout the country.
Many businesses are no longer feeling severe effects from the recession, as profits and revenues have rebounded broadly.
The idea was pure portfolio theory, broadly agreed upon by everyone involved.
The studies were broadly consistent with the view that deterrence works, but all are difficult to interpret.
Journalism ethics reside in publications and more broadly within the idea of the fourth estate.
Broadly speaking, investors in developed economies hold highly diversified portfolios, with significant portions in equities.
More broadly, he must craft solutions specific to the areas in need-no simple task.
We owe it to our students and to our profession to think more broadly.
Proponents of the method interpret its value more broadly.
Even for online- learning enthusiasts, broadly held negative perceptions can have an influence.
Broadly put, neo-Epicureans suppose not only that you are what you eat, but that you think what you eat.
Broadly speaking, two tribes have skirmished with each other during the euro crisis: the markets and the politicians.
There are, broadly speaking, two ways to get the jobless into work.
Yet emissions of planet-heating gases have remained broadly stable over the past few years.
Rising wages are broadly welcomed by the government, which would rather live with runaway businessmen than striking workers.
And it should also celebrate bamboo capitalism more broadly.
Broadly speaking, there are two ways of storing electrical energy in a chemical system.
Broadly speaking, the cuddly ones should be focused on vulnerable children and the tough ones on miscreant adults.
Broadly, governments should pledge to clean up their public finances by cutting future spending rather than raising taxes.
There are broadly two sorts of firms operating in the region.
Nine months in, the plan to eliminate the structural deficit during this parliament is broadly on track.
They would rather see it evolving into something more broadly based.
At the moment general news is broadly regarded as having no value.
The government hopes to rein in some of her more headstrong tendencies, but agrees broadly that pragmatism is the way ahead.
These, say the authors, could become targets of broadly useful new drugs.
What we're doing is pretty broadly applicable to people in all different age groups and demographics and places around the world.

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