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Introducing livestock to its range is guaranteed to broaden its diet even further.
Any theoretical statistician who thinks that this sort of feedback system does not work needs to broaden their horizons a bit.
Remember, when you consider evolution you have to broaden your time horizon.
It's pretty clear that its focus on global economics has done a lot to broaden its philosophy.
The tests were created to broaden the pool of talent open to the colleges, and that is what the testers say they still do.
We broaden the domain to give interesting things a chance to happen.
But she may need to broaden her description of her interests if she finds herself applying mainly for nonacademic positions.
Their trip was designed to broaden students' experience, not indoctrinate them.
To devise common systems and methods of standardization which broaden creativity rather than narrowing it.
However, if you are willing to broaden your perspective a bit, you might find you learn a lot.
The idea is to further broaden the net of health information beyond official sources.
Oil-service firms, the ones that supply rigs and technical support, are starting to broaden their horizons.
These purchases will be subject to a strict quota but still broaden the menu considerably.
And legal moves are now afoot to broaden the rights of indigenous fishermen.
First, broaden the income-tax base by eliminating exemptions, and if possible cutting rates.
The aim should be to reform and broaden the tax base.
Things loosen up and broaden out after the revolution, but this arrogance does not vanish.
New permanent members would broaden the regional balance.
On cue, plans are afoot to broaden the range of renminbi investments available in the city.
Careers that broaden and deepen your already accomplished knowledge, skills and abilities.
We have many opportunities to deepen and broaden our cooperation.
Broaden the base of transportation funding that is indexed to the future to more equitably reflect the societal benefit.

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