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Colleges are already broadcasting campus news and emergency bulletins to students' cellphones.
However, they are broadcasting their signal into my yard without my request or permission.
We expanded choice with public broadcasting, cable, and satellites.
One of the ways the country's ministry of agriculture tries to help them is by broadcasting videos about farming techniques.
And that he or she is not listening it to, much less broadcasting, our personal phone calls.
DefCon has been broadcasting her picture on the screens in conference rooms before each talk.
The book is the first step in preserving and broadcasting the archive.
Light and radio waves are absorbed and scattered by interstellar gas broadcasting information across the galaxy.
It is decades since the two sides lobbed artillery shells at each other's broadcasting facilities.
Two new television stations have started broadcasting.
Group messaging represents a step back from broadcasting.
They have done so largely because cable was designed originally as a one-way broadcasting system.
Five of the park's six sporting venues, as well as the press and broadcasting centres, are already complete.
It was banned in education, in broadcasting and even in parliament.
Even national news channels ran some of the clips, earning a rebuke from the broadcasting regulator.
In the age of global broadcasting, image is everything.

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